Swiftkey App Gains Clipboard, Shortcuts & Incognito Mode


Following Swiftkey being bought up by Microsoft, the company has proved to users time and time again that the app is staying as it is. The latest update is yet more proof of that. This update brings a good number of new features that users have been requesting for some time, as well as a UI redesign for the Swiftkey Hub. With this update, users will find some extra features built into the clipboard, as well as a new shortcut feature that allows automatic entry of long saved pieces of text, and an incognito mode.

The clipboard feature's newest talent is the ability to save a list of terms that a user can define by hand, or by copying like normal. These saved terms, or "clips", can be accessed, edited, and added to via the Clipboard section of the newly designed Swiftkey Hub. Once you've added something, you can paste it into a given text field with a few clicks by opening up the clipboard from the main keyboard UI, in much the same way as one would open up the settings menu. The shortcut feature expands on this, and allows you to assign a shortcut to a given Clip. Type that shortcut into a text field, and the prediction bar will show the Clip associated with that shortcut. A quick click on that will paste in the Clip. Rounding out the new keyboard features, you have an incognito mode that doesn't save what you type, and doesn't learn new words – useful for things like Christmas shopping, where you wouldn't want somebody to pick up your phone and see what you've been typing.

Along with the new features, the new update to Swiftkey brings a new UI to the Swiftkey Hub that's a bit more user-friendly and visually pleasing. The new Hub interface allows quick and easy access to things like the keyboard's settings, activating incognito mode, and resizing the keyboard, all accessible while typing by simply holding down the space bar and then swiping over to the Swiftkey Hub on the far left. The clipboard, on the other hand, is on the far right and heading over to it will allow you to paste in Clips or go to the main Clipboard screen to edit and add Clips. The new update is live in the Google Play Store and should be available for all users.


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