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91 Locker is a lock screen replacement app that allows users not only to get a little more functionality out of their lock screen, but to also customize the overall look and feel. This is a DIY lock screen, meaning that users can choose from a huge variety of different wallpapers, then choose their own unique passcode and its appearance, as well as what apps can display notifications on their lock screen. 91 Locker is free to download and use, blends in well with 91 Launcher, and has 5,000+ HD wallpapers and lots of different templates to choose from. More than just control over your notifications, 91 Locker also allows users to use simple apps such as the flashlight, the calculator and more without having to unlock their phones.

For those looking for a lock screen replacement, they can download 91 Locker for free from the Play Store. While the app is free to download from the Play Store, there are some in-app purchases as well as some ads, too.



Getting the app downloaded and installed is pretty simple, but there's nothing in the way of a sort of guided setup tour for new users. Instead, users are thrown in at the deep end and presented with Templates.


There's no rocket science to building your perfect lock screen with 91 Locker though, as all users need to do is go ahead and choose a template design, this is sort of the backbone of the whole lock screen and is what your lock screen will look like at its core. There are some fun designs here, as we can see above, but I went for something simple, as I like the wallpaper on my device to show off my device.



Which is why I was so impressed with the quality of the HD wallpapers that 91 Locker has in abundance. There's a huge selection of over 5,000 different wallpapers here, and this awesome one of a Lion looks perfect on my lock screen.



Keeping your device secure has never been as big a priority as it is today, which is why it's good to see 91 Locker come with a unique passcode system. Here, users can choose from a number of different passcode designs, further emphasizing the whole DIY aspect of 91 Locker.


I was impressed with this as a feature, but I was then confused when I chose a bottle-top design I liked and was then asked to drag and drop things on to it, this didn't quite make a lot of sense to me, but I'm sure this was just me, and not a common problem people have with the app.



One thing that users will have to take into account, is that they need to give 01 Locker access to their notifications in order for them to show up on the lock screen. This is easily done, and the only thing most users will need to do is agree to it.



Here's a quick look at my lock screen, and while we can see it's pretty simple, this is how I like things on my device, and 91 Locker give me the freedom to create something minimal if I want to keep things neat and simple. I didn't like to see the background apps message, as not only did I not ask for something like this, but there doesn't appear to be a way to turn it off in the settings, either.


There are all kinds of extra features here though, including the ability to get to quick toggles from your lockscreen, allowing users to access the flashlight and such from the lockscreen.



This part of the app also allows users to bring up a quick calculator and such, which makes the whole lockscreen a lot more versatile, as well as more customizable, too.

91 Locker is, in general, a pretty competent app and a fairly decent lock screen replacement. There are a number of different features people can try out in order to mix and match their way to their perfect lock screen and while this sort of thing won't appeal to everyone, there are a good number of options to choose from, and it's all the sort of choices that make for a more tailored experience. Being able to choose a base design from the templates, and then make it your own with the different wallpapers and such is a real nice touch, and will appeal to a lot of users that like to perfect every aspect of their device. The toggles and ability to bring up a calculator and other small apps without having to unlock your device is a great feature, and overall there's a lot to like about 91 Locker as lock screen replacements go.



  • Speed (4/5) – There's nothing here that will slow your device down, and there are some good features that will help users save time on their device.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall look and feel here is great, and ultimately, what 91 Locker looks like is down to the individual user, making this an app that really does give users the freedom to choose whatever they want.
  • Features (4/5) – With all the sort of features you'd expect from a lock screen replacement app, as well as a myriad of customization options and great wallpapers, 91 Locker is a fully-featured app that has a lot to offer users looking for a fresh way to customize their device.
  • Overall (4/5) – 91 Locker is a lockscreen app that has a lot to offer users, particularly those that are more interested in customizing their phones the way that they want to, rather than being subject to the sort of look and feel that the developer or developers had in mind for them.


  • Everything looks good in 91 Locker, with a whole bunch of different wallpapers to choose from, including some very nice HD wallpapers.
  • Allows users to fully customize the way that the lock screen looks and feels, without having to jump through too many hoops.
  • Easy access to small apps like the flashlight as well as the calculator are provided users there and then on the lock screen making this a great app for those looking to save time.
  • Different passcode designs help users create a secure, and yet still custom, lock screen to keep their devices safe and sound.


  • Doesn't allow the fingerprint to work on Samsung devices when using 91 Locker instead.
  • Option to speed up running apps in the background is a little intrusive, and doesn't appear to have an off switch, either.

Overall, there's a lot on offer here in 91 Locker, and it's the sort of app that will appeal to those looking for a way to customize their smartphone to their exact liking. This sort of thing won't be for everyone, but for those that prefer a better-looking lock screen as oppose to a more functional one, 91 Locker offers a good compromise between the two. It's free to download and use, and has everything a user could look for in a lock screen replacement, as well as lots of different wallpapers and other customization choices.

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