Sony's Xperia Forecast Reduced To 17 Million Units

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Earlier today Sony revealed its Q3 2016 results, with much of the focus being put on Sony’s ever struggling mobile division. As is becoming the norm lately, Sony has once again shipped fewer units than previously and is still struggling to make a profit, and, in a similar move to previous years, has once again reduced its unit shipment forecasts for the year.

This quarter, the Japanese company managed to sell 3.5 million Xperia units, which, although is an improvement over the 3.1 million shipped in Q1 2016, it represents a decline of over 3.2 million units when compared to Q3 2015, when the company shipped 6.7 million smartphones. In contrast of this, though, the company managed to post a profit of $37 million, a significant improvement over last year’s loss of $196 million and proof that the company’s efforts to increase profit are working.

As is usual with smartphone manufacturers, Sony posted its initial smartphone shipment forecast for 2016 at the beginning of the year. Initially, the company hoped to sell 20 million smartphones, though they revised this to 19 million later on. With today’s announcement, though, the company has significantly reduced this figure once again, this time down to 17 million units, an 11% decrease over the previous figure and one that, according to the company, will translate into a 7% reduction in revenue. Interestingly, though, the company still expects to meet its profit forecast of 5 billion yen ($47.65 million), so not all is bad for the company. The lower shipments estimates stem from the fact the company is slowly withdrawing its efforts from unprofitable regions, as well as increasing focus on its premium Xperia X line of devices.


With the company’s latest Xperia XZ and X Compact flagships only just released, along with the sales of the rest of the Xperia X line, such as the Xperia X, XA and XA Ultra, among others, the company seems to be on the path to permanent profit. Once this is achieved, the company is sure to find a way to eventually increase unit sales, though this most likely won’t happen for some time. It remains to be seen if the company can meet its newly revised unit forecasts and what the next year holds for the company, but with rumours floating around that the company may be planning the release of the Xperia X2 at MWC next year, it’s clear the company is pushing hard and has no plans of leaving the smartphone market anytime soon.