Samsung Opens Up Gear S3 to Give Us Closer Look

It's not uncommon at all to see a new device hit the market and then end up being torn apart to see how it's put together and how repairable it might be should something go wrong. In fact, iFixit has made a business out of documenting these guides and helping people fix their broken hardware with spare parts as well as knowledge of how the device is put together, but it's not everyday you see the company behind the product tear it apart and show off its insides. For Samsung and the new Gear S3, however, the South Korean giant have a unique opportunity to do just that while showing off how compact and well-designed the new Gear S3 smartwatch is.

In what Samsung are calling an in-depth look at the Gear S3, Samsung goes through the main pieces of the Gear S3 assembly, and while these are more promotional images than they are the sort of teardown imagery you're find from the likes of iFixit, it's interesting to see just how much is crammed into the Gear S3. Not to mention how small these individual parts have become over the past couple of decades. Thoughtful design decisions, such as the use of the screen assembly to double as an RF antenna as well as receiver for the MST component for payments, just go to show how technical the design of such a small device is. With Bluetooth, WiFi, an embedded SIM and a dedicated Barometer, microphone and speaker all included here, there's a lot on offer here, and there's little room for anything else. The display and battery are arguably the largest single parts of the whole package, as we can see in the images below, with the processor and memory taking up very little space on the mainboard itself.

Considering that Samsung drew many parallels between the new Gear S3 and Swiss-made watches during the IFA 2016 reveal of this watch a few months ago, it's no surprise that Samsung are showing off all the individual parts and the technical design that led to the whole package. After all, a Swiss watch is said to be the perfect combinations of a mechanism, its casing and of course its initial design, with hundreds of man hours going into the building of one, single watch in some cases. Whether or not this sort of show will bring traditional watch wearers around to Samsung's way of thinking remains to be seen, though.

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