Samsung: 85% Of Galaxy Note 7s Returned & New Software Update


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a device which has now been recalled not once, but twice and has been fully taken off the market. As part of that final removal and recall process, Samsung has been trying to retrieve all Galaxy Note 7 units that had been shipped and purchased. In fact, in spite of some consumers seemingly hoping to keep hold of the smartphone, Samsung has been rolling out updates which look to encourage users to return their device. These include limiting the charge capability of the handsets to 60-percent, changing the battery indicator icon color and displaying pop-up messages on the screen which look to reiterate the importance and need for the Galaxy Note 7 to be returned.

A combination of moves which has slowly but surely been bringing all of the Galaxy Note 7s back into the Samsung stable. In fact, Samsung has today released an update on the Galaxy Note 7 situation to keep everyone informed on how the recall process is going. According to Samsung, "nearly 85 percent of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices have been replaced through the U.S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program". The latest announcement goes on to note that the majority of those who have returned or exchanged their Galaxy Note 7, has done so while opting for another Samsung smartphone. The update did not specify which smartphone(s) in particular, although it is largely believed that the Galaxy S7 Edge is likely to be the smartphone of choice.

In terms of those remaining rogue Galaxy Note 7s, Samsung does explain that they are focused on making sure they are also returned. As a result, Samsung has announced that they are now planning to roll out more software updates in the future which will further look to encourage owners to return the devices. The updates will include limiting the Galaxy Note 7's charge "beyond 60 percent", as well as more frequent pop-up reminders including ones which will be shown "every time a consumer charges, reboots or turns on the screen of their Note7 device." Much like the T-Mobile update which is already scheduled to begin rolling out tomorrow. The announcement lastly reiterates the point that if you do own a Galaxy Note 7, then you should indeed power it down and take part in the 'U.S. Note7 Refund and Exchange Program' as soon as possible.

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