Rumor: Galaxy S8 to Feature Autofocus Front-Facing Camera

Galaxy S7 Edge TD AH 9

There’s no denying that 2016 has been an interesting year, and not just in the world of mobile technology, but across the spectrum. As such, Samsung will be as keen as most to forget the second-half of 2016 and will be hoping for a much better year in 2017. To make that happen, the firm will be leaning on the Galaxy S8 for much of their success, and so far the rumors surrounding the device are painting a picture of a very powerful device full of improvements. Right now, it’s thought that the Galaxy S8 will launch in a couple of different variants, as it has for the last two years, and that the Galaxy S8 Edge version will feature a 4K display, 6GB of RAM and perhaps the upcoming Snapdragon 835. Now, a new rumor is suggesting that Samsung will be making improvements to their front-facing camera, adding in an autofocus camera.

Autofocus in smartphones is now taken for granted where rear-facing cameras are concerned, with the extra size needed for the small mechanics and such worked in with a camera hump or other, more thoughtful design workings. As for the front-facing camera, however, space is at a premium for this and we’ve yet to see a mainstream smartphone launch with an autofocus front-facing camera, even though more specialized smartphones have dabbled with these extra features in the past. The news comes out of South Korea, where ETNews has been reporting that Samsung is looking to improve their selfie capabilities, and hopefully compete with other mainstream devices that don’t feature autofocusing in their front-facing cameras.

So far, the Galaxy S8 sounds very much like Samsung is going all-out in making a device that s a drastic improvement over the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 lines, all the while keeping in line with their yearly release cycles. Many rumors have surfaced around the idea of Samsung delaying the launch of the Galaxy S8, but it appears as though the device is still on track to launch during Mobile World Congress next Spring, which is something most would have thought a possible outcome, given that this is how Samsung has been doing things since the early days of the Galaxy S line.