Report: Galaxy S8's Virtual Assistant to be Called Bixby

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Considering the failure that was the Galaxy Note 7 for Samsung, it’s no surprise that the industry as well as Samsung themselves are looking ahead to the Galaxy S8 line of devices. With no fresh device for them to sell at this time of year, leaving the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge to pick up the slack, the Galaxy S brand could become more important than even before for Samsung. The Galaxy S8 is sure to be a big release for them, and if the rumors and leaks concerning the internals are anything to go by, a big release is all but confirmed from Samsung at this point. One thing that might shock users, should Samsung have it ready in time, is their own personal assistant to rival the likes of Cortana, Siri and of course, Google’s own Assistant. Now, a new report could have given away the name of this virtual assistant as “Bixby”.

As is usually the case here, this report comes from South Korean media, which has spotted Samsung filing for a trademark in their home country for “Bixby” which is, according to the trademark filing, a “computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computers, Namely, software used to operate voice recognition system”. The trademark filing goes on to state that Bixby is a trademark for a “computer application”, for smartphones as well, that features voice recognition as well as hands-free operation, all of which sounds like some sort of assistant a la Siri and Cortana. Samsung recently purchased Viv Labs earlier this year, a firm that specializes in artificial intelligence as well as virtual assistants like these and it’s very possible that Bixby is to be the name of Samsung’s first virtual assistant, to ship with the Galaxy S8 next Spring.

The Galaxy S8 is slated to land on shelves next Spring, shortly after its February reveal, which doesn’t seem like a long time for Samsung to make sure that such a product as this is ready on time. It is, however, possible that Viv Labs already had a product similar to this in the works, and Samsung and their team are simply reworking it for inclusion inside of the Galaxy S8 and to work better with other Samsung products. As Samsung has become a big name in the world of the Internet of Things, offering a number of smart appliances and such, a virtual assistant to bring all of this together wouldn’t be a bad thing, and will give them yet one more thing to compete against Apple with.