Report: Galaxy Note 7 Didn't Hurt Samsung's Brand In The US


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be Samsung's most powerful smartphone in 2016, and it was, for a brief period of time. The Galaxy Note 7 was announced at the end of August, and soon after it started shipping out to consumers, reports started coming in saying that the phone is prone to exploding. Reports have been piling up for a while before Samsung opted to recall the device and see what's wrong with it. The company actually re-released the Galaxy Note 7 soon after that, but it seems like they haven't fixed anything because same things started happening all over again, and the second recall was issued, while Samsung opted to cut their losses and stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 altogether.

Having that in mind, one would think that such issues hurt Samsung not only financially, but that their reputation also suffered. Well, it seems like that's not the case in the US, at least based on a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos. According to the results of said poll, consumers in the US are willing to purchase Samsung's products again, despite the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco which hit the country pretty hard. This poll was conducted over 50 states in the US and 2,375 people with Samsung phones were included in it, while 3,158 iPhone users also participated. It turns out that Samsung users are still loyal to the company, as iPhone users are to Apple. 27% of people who knew about the recall said they would first consider another Samsung smartphone, before even looking into some other brand. 25% of people who were not aware of the recall said they'd purchase a Samsung-branded device again. Furthermore, 91% of Samsung users said they'd purchase one of the company's smartphones again, while 92% of iPhone users said they'd purchase another iPhone.

This does come as a bit of a surprise, as it seemed like the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco would impact consumers' opinions a bit more. In any case, the Galaxy Note 7 is no longer available for purchase, but it seems like quite a few people are hoping that the company plans to introduce its successor next year, the Galaxy Note 8, even though some rumors have been saying that it might not happen.

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