Renders of Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone Appear


Samsung, along with LG, have been one of the few firms that has been pushing flexible display technology forward in the general market. We've seen LG hit the market with the G FLex series of devices, and where Samsung is concerned, they've turned to using flexible displays in their mainstream products, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge. For some time, however, rumors surrounding an upcoming foldable smartphone from Samsung, ready for a possible 2017 release, have been swirling. Codenamed Project Valley, and also known as the Galaxy X, we got another glimpse of the device earlier this week, in some pretty rational and possible patent filings. Now, building on those patents, we can see some renders of what a final device could look like.

Surfacing from reports in South Korea as well as content from analysts over the world, these renders show off what a foldable Galaxy smartphone from Samsung might look like. Using a hinge system in the center of the device to fold over, it appears as though key components of the device will be split into the two different halves of the device. When fully-folded in on itself, the below renders might remind some readers of Microsoft's Surface Book hinge design, and while the device appears to be thinner than it is wide, these are just renders, and the final design is likely to change over time. The patent filings show this hinge to be pretty well thought out, and feature a design that would probably work if put into production, and patenting such a design to prevent others from using a similar design is a good sign that Samsung is looking to go down this route.

Analysts in South Korea remain bullish over this new device, and many believe a release during H2 of 2017 is very realistic target, once the Galaxy S8 line has been released in the Spring, of course. Considering that Samsung is unlikely to release another Galaxy Note device following the Galaxy Note 7's problems, it's possible that Project Valley, or Galaxy X, could be the start of a whole new line for Samsung, and that this is just the first of many devices to sport a fully-flexible frame. Of course, patents and predictions don't automatically guarantee a device's launch, and we have a long way to go before these devices hit the market this time next year, but if Samsung wants to compete with and perhaps best Apple in the mobile market, a device like this might just do the trick.


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