Oppomart Lists The Unreleased OnePlus 3T At $499

The upcoming OnePlus 3T, a phone which has been confirmed by OnePlus but has so far not officially been unveiled, has now been listed up on the online retailer Oppomart for $499. If the alleged price is to be believed, that puts the OnePlus 3T at $100 more than the cost of the original OnePlus 3 which launched at a price of $399 earlier this year. Although it seems like the specifications might be a little too similar to justify this price jump, there are seemingly a few hardware upgrades from the OnePlus 3 to the OnePlus 3T, but it shouldn't be forgotten that the specs listed at Oppomart have not been confirmed, nor has the price.

Based on the buy page for the OnePlus 3T on Oppomart's website, the phone will come with very similar specs, including a 5.5-inch FHD display  protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It'll also come with 6GB of RAM, and have 64GB of internal storage, as well as Dash Charge, and presumably the same 3,000mAh battery. Where it looks like it starts to differ a little bit is with the processor, which is said to make the jump from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 to the updated Snapdragon 821, although this is not the only hardware upgrade.

According to Oppomart, the OnePlus 3T also has a 128GB storage model option, and bumps up from a 16MP rear camera using the Sony IMX298 sensor, to a 16MP rear camera with a Sony IMX398 sensor. The front camera is still listed as an 8MP sensor, but it doesn't actually list the sensor type that's being used. Everything else could potentially be the same, which leaves little variation between the two models, and makes it difficult to know whether or not the increase in price for a few hardware changes is something that OnePlus would actually implement. It's also possible that the 128GB storage option along with other upgrades are what constitute the price increase, which would make sense given the price difference between the Pixel 32GB and 128GB. The OnePlus 3T was rumored to receive an unveiling today but has not yet been announced, which leaves a little bit of time before any official information is given from OnePlus. That being said, the rumored price prior today was $479, so the listing at $499 isn't too far off from the previous mark. Also worth noting is that the original OnePlus 3 now seems to be out of stock, suggesting that the company is simply making way for the newer model.

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