OnePlus Starts 24-Hour Bags & T-Shirts Sale


With fashion and lifestyle brands increasingly looking at wearable technology as quite possibly the next big area of growth for them, it was only a matter of time before a nimble, young tech startup figured out there may be money to be made the other way around as well. In a massive departure from what's considered the norm for tech companies, Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has now jumped into the clothing and related accessories industry by announcing a 24-hour sale of a number of products that seem to have no correlation whatsoever with any of the stuff you traditionally associate with the OnePlus brand. OnePlus Gear, which was announced recently, is a lineup of bags and t-shirts that can now be bought at prices ranging from $20 to $99 on the OnePlus website.

Thankfully for would-be buyers, much like the OnePlus 3, these products are available via an open sale. Meaning, users won't have to pre-register or hunt for invite codes before they can get their hands on one of the exotic products being offered by the company. The open sale is being held by OnePlus on its webstore as we speak. The sale started earlier today and will run until 6AM EST tomorrow, so in case you fancy one of the products, you'll need to hurry to make sure you get it before time runs out. Sadly for Indian fans, though, OnePlus Gear is not available for purchase in the country. While the company didn't really say so in as many words, depending on the response to its 'Gear', OnePlus is expected to hold other sales at later dates, so missing this sale probably won't be the end of your dream of owning a OnePlus t-shirt!

Talking about OnePlus t-shirts, there are two varieties of them that are currently listed on the OnePlus site. While the first one comes with the catchy 'Never Settle' slogan that has been so much a part of OnePlus ever since its inception, the other one sports the 'Dash Charge' logo. There's also a backpack and a couple of messenger bags that are currently available for purchase, including one in white leather with brown accents. It remains to be seen what type of response the sale can generate, with the company all set to announce its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 3T, later this month.

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