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When Chinese upstart OnePlus first hit the scene, it was thought that the firm would end up releasing one or two phones and then end up fading away, but the very opposite of that has happened. The OnePlus brand has become just that, a brand, and a popular one at that. Offering a simplified choice of models, undercutting the vast majority of mainstream brands, often delivering something more, like 6GB of RAM, it's hard not to like OnePlus these days. It wasn't always like this, with the questionable invite scheme impressing few in the beginning of it all, but now, there's a big following behind the OnePlus brand, and their own community continues to go ever-larger.

Speaking of community, no such thing would be complete without its own app. Sure, the OnePlus Forum runs just fine on mobile browsers, but given OnePlus like to make enough noise on their own, it's always nice to get it right from the source. As part of OxygenOS itself is the OnePlus community app, but now, it's launching inside of the Play Store for all to see and download, whether they have a OnePlus device or not. The app is, unsurprisingly, pretty self-serving towards OnePlus, but it does go to show how important community can be, as this sort of thing is what makes a smartphone brand strong, and loyal customers are as good as new customers given how much choice there is out there looking to tear them away all of the time.

This app offers users not only access to the weekly OnePlus updates, but also access to the OnePlus forums themselves and a customizable way of sorting through and getting to your favorite ones, too. While this is clearly the sort of app that would mostly appeal to OnePlus fans, it is nice to see that such an app is available for others, as it could be a nice introduction to what the OnePlus experience is all about, and at the end of the day could be a way for OnePlus to get users to convert over to their way of doing things, especially when the barrier for entry for the OnePlus 3 is set pretty low.


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