Nintendo's Miitomo Is Being Updated, New Features Added


Miitomo, Nintendo's foray into the world of mobile apps, didn't garner all that much interest when it first launched, and did the one thing that usually spells big trouble for mobile apps; it went through an identity crisis. Was it a game? Was it an extremely limited social platform? Was it something entirely new? Nobody knew, so nobody continued using it. Right now, a small, but dedicated fanbase continues to play Miitomo Drop and make Miifotos, but Nintendo is hoping to change that. The app has not been forgotten by Nintendo and they have released an update for it with some new features that bring the app closer to having an established identity, with the one chosen seeming to be a social forum of sorts.

The first big new feature is the ability to send messages to your friends. This fairly basic feature somehow escaped the app on launch, and makes it much more appealing to use as a social platform. Users can now customize their rooms as well, by winning wallpaper and floor styles from Miitomo Drop. Users can also put up posters on their wall, made from just about any image on their device. Capping off the individual side of things, users can now make other Mii characters besides their main one, called Sidekick Miis, that can do all of the same things as their main Mii; essentially, the function allows avatar switching. As a bonus, answers from friends are now able to be viewed on your own timeline, and the app's overall size on your device has been reduced.

The last two changes are where things take a much welcome turn toward establishing a Miitomo community. A new feature called Answer Central allows you to browse answers to the global questions that the app asks everybody using it every now and then, with each answer sitting alongside the face of the Mii that posted the answer. The other new community feature is Style Central, where you can show off your Mii with whatever outfits and poses you like, and see others' creations. These two features are a step toward making a community out of Miitomo's core features, but with the low user count, it will be slow going for a while, and may never pick back up to the levels the service was at when it first started. The update is a good sign and an assurance that Nintendo hasn't written Miitomo off entirely, but only time will tell if this will be enough to lure users back.


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