Nexar Lets You Use Your Phone As An AI Dashcam

If you're in need of a dashcam in your vehicle, or if you simply want one for the peace of mind, a new app called Nexar will be able to help. The app, which the company is calling an AI dashcam, basically turns your phone into a smart dashcam recorder without having to pay for an expensive camera unit that you can mount to your vehicle's dashboard. The main goal of the app is to help people drive safer, but it can also be used simply to make sure that you have a recording of any event that happens while on the road if you need it, such as in the event of a collision.

Nexar Inc. says the app uses machine learning technology to recognize certain details about other vehicles around you on the road. It can detect the speed as well as the acceleration of other vehicles, and the direction that they're moving, so you'll know if they're about to brake, speed up, or change lanes whether they're moving out of your lane or trying to come into it. This only works for the cars that the app is able to see, so it won't detect the cars behind our vehicle.

The version of Nexar that's available is currently an early build, so at the moment it's listed as unreleased on the Play Store, which means you won't find it if you search for in the Play Store directly, but you can grab it from the button down below. The app offers up a handful of features even in its early state, so there's a good chance that more features will be added over time once the app is officially released. There's also a possibility some features could be removed. In addition to detecting other vehicles and recording what's happening during the drive, Nexar will also work in the background so you don't have to keep the app open, leaving you free to use other apps that you might typically use in the vehicle on a regular basis, such as Google Maps. It also manages storage intelligently and was set up so that the app only continually stores the most recent recordings, and if you need to you can share any dashcam footage through various means like YouTube, or send it to an insurance agent in the event of an accident. Since the app is free, it's definitely worth a look, especially since there is no guarantee that it won't end up costing something once it's out of the unreleased stage.

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