New Video Tests Pixel XL, S7 Edge & iPhone 7 Plus Charge Times

Galaxy S7 Pixel iPhone Battery Test Screenshot 2

One of the most important aspects now for potential smartphone buyers is the battery life that they will encounter. Of course, while some manufacturers look to allure customers by simply including a bigger battery in their devices, others look to try and compensate having a smaller battery by making use of faster charging technology. Some manufacturers look to include both selling features. Quite recently, Carl Pei of OnePlus came out stating that while Dash Charge is not the reason consumers purchase the OnePlus 3, it does seem to be the feature they are most satisfied with after purchasing. Which again, highlights the consumer desire for good battery life, be it mAh capacity or speed of charging.

Well, if you are in the market for a new smartphone and are looking towards the higher-end, then you might be considering the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Google Pixel XL or maybe even the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. But how do they fare on charging speeds? How long will you have to wait before you can head out the door with a full battery? Thanks to YouTuber SuperSaf TV, some of those questions have been answered as the YouTuber has (apparently based on viewer demand) compared the charge speeds of the three devices. If you would rather watch the video in full and without knowing the results, then skip now to the video below.

To try and ensure the test was as fair as it could be, SuperSaf employed certain rules designed to offer a comparable baseline. For instance, all three devices were charged using their ‘out of the box’ chargers. This will of course, mean that the times could have been increased if the phones were using chargers that are designed to offer a quicker level of charge. However, as most consumers will likely be using the charger that comes with the phone, this is how the test was conducted. Likewise, the test was also conducted with all of the phones showing a 1-percent charge level and remained on charge until they hit 100-percent.


In terms of the results, the Galaxy S7 Edge does seem to be the clear winner and by some margin, as the Galaxy S7 Edge reached a full charge in 1 hour and 29 seconds. By this time, the Pixel XL had only reached 84-percent and the iPhone 7 Plus had only reached 54-percent. As to be expected based on those numbers, the Pixel XL was next to finish charging at 2 hours and 3 minutes, while the iPhone 7 Plus was the slowest charging device and took 3 hours and 27 minutes to finally finish up. Interestingly though, SuperSaf does pick up on some additional aspects that might be worth taking into consideration. Like for instance that the Pixel XL took quite a bit of time to charge the last few percentage points. So unless you are wanting a 100-percent full charge, then you might be able to get away a little earlier by sacrificing those last few percentages. As already noted, in the time it took for the Galaxy S7 Edge to fully charge, the Pixel XL did hit 84-percent. It then took the extra 34 minutes just to charge the final 16-percent. Which is something to keep in mind.