New Incipio Vehicle Dock Moto Mod Spotted For The Moto Z


Lenovo and Motorola did things differently this year with the Moto X line. First of all, they changed the name from Moto X to Moto Z. Although, much more importantly was the fact that they completely redesigned the nature of the Moto flagship series to be one which adopts more of a modular approach. Granted, while the 'Moto Mods' are not true modular aspects, they are accessories that can easily be attached to the device and allow for additional functionality.

However, while some Moto Mods were announced along with the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, the actual variance of Moto Mods was a little limited with only a handful available at launch. That does seem to be changing though, as this week not one, but two, new Moto Mods have now been spotted. The first is the Mophie Juice Pack Battery Mod which is already available to pre-order through Verizon. The second is one which is a lot newer and is still unannounced. As such, details on this one including pricing and availability have yet to be disclosed.

What is known about this one though, is that it comes from Incipio. Those who are already familiar with the Moto Z range and Moto Mods will know that there is already an Incipio Moto Mod available – the offGRID Power Pack Moto Mod which offers extended battery life. However, this new one seems to be a docking unit so the Moto Z range can be more easily used inĀ the car. The general idea being that the 'Vehicle Dock Moto Mod' will allow the user a more hands-free oriented experience. Not to mention, it is also currently being said that this new Moto Mod will come with Android Auto supportĀ out of the box.


So in short, it does seem that this Incipio Vehicle Dock Moto Mod is designed to be an all-in-one dashboard solution for the car. In addition to being a mount, offering hands-free functionality and Android Auto compatibility, it will also come with audio integration and fast charging capabilities – due to the Mod's use of the car's cigarette lighter as a power supply. While the details on pricing and availability are still up in the air, you can see an image of what is said to be the Incipio Vehicle Dock Moto Mod, below.


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