MOCAcuff Combines a Wrist Cuff & App to Monitor BP

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There are plenty of smart related devices to hit retail shelves in the past couple of years called wearables, as well as many Kickstarter programs, are developing wristwatches that monitor fitness activities. They can get as intimate as underwear to jogging apparel to blood pressure monitors – and many work with Bluetooth, theses monitors, can synchronize with your smartphone, allowing you to store your results on the app. Once the information is inside your smartphone, it gives you the ability to track your results for years and to put the data collected into graphs to show where you need work and how far you have progressed. This design is what MOCAcuff is all about – it is a new, smaller, more refined blood pressure monitoring cuff that hooks up to the MOCACARE app to deliver pertinent information about your BP health.

MOCAcuff is the latest wireless blood pressure monitor from MOCACARE, a company that specializes in developing cardiovascular monitoring devices that are technically advanced, yet easy to use, and it is FDA approved. What is nice about the MOCAcuff is that it fits conveniently on your wrist with no large and bulky cuffs that you must wrap around your upper arm, pull tight, and Velcro it over. The MOCAcuff has a solid, yet form fitting piece attached to the monitor that slides onto your wrist. Once on your wrist, you pull a short piece of Velcro and attach it to the firm piece – it is a very easy one-handed method.

The MOCAcuff also works via a Bluetooth connection with the MOCACARE app on your smartphone allowing you to use that data in numerous ways. The MOCACARE app uses guidelines from the American Heart Association to recommend ways you can better your health and what goals you need to work on to better your health. The app also allows you to set up contracts that can be either a doctor or friends and your smartphone will automatically forward your results to each of them. This way your doctor or caregiver can see how high or low your blood pressure is at that particular time.


One in three American adults suffer from high blood pressure, yet only a half of those seek medical attention. As far as costs go, one dollar out of every six dollars from our healthcare costs goes toward the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure. This is why if you suffer from high blood pressure you might want to use a device like the MOCAcuff because it is so fast and easy. It has monitoring lights that go from ‘Normal’ to ‘Hypertensive Crisis’ to let you immediately know your condition. The device works on two AAA batteries and turns off automatically to conserve battery life. It works with Android 4.0.3 or higher, uses Bluetooth v4.0, weighs a mere 3.44 ounces, comes with a nice carrying case, and it costs $69.99.