Leak: Lenovo's 2017 Roadmap Shows Return of Moto X

Lenovo and Moto (formerly Motorola), has had a pretty interesting 2016. There's been plenty of changes, especially on the Moto side of things. First of all, they shortened the name to "Moto" from "Motorola". They also launched a new line of smartphones in the Moto Z, leaving out the Moto X. Or did they? According to the leaked roadmap that +HelloMotoHK has posted on Google+, it appears that Lenovo has a slew of smartphones coming out next year, at least six different lines of smartphones. According to +HelloMotoHK's post:

"For your reference in 2017: Moto Z - Motorola; Moto X - Lenovo; Moto M - Lenovo; Moto G - Motorola / Lenovo; Moto E - Lenovo / ODM; Moto C - Lenovo / ODM."

What's unclear here is whether the Moto Z will be marketed as the "Motorola Moto Z" or if its the Motorola team that is building that device. Even though it's all one team now - just in different areas, as Moto still has their office in downtown Chicago. Now the Moto E and Moto C appear to be lower-end devices that may be marketed without their branding at all. As they are labeled as "Lenovo / ODM". For those that are unaware, "ODM" means Original Device Manufacturer. It's actually what HTC used to be, and how they became so big in the early days of Android. ZTE and Huawei do this a lot in the US, actually. For example the T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE that was announced this week, is actually a ZTE device, but it's branded as a T-Mobile device. So it'll be interesting to see how those two devices play out for Lenovo next year.

The Moto C is a line we haven't seen before. The Moto G, Moto M and Moto Z have all had devices launched this year - with the Moto M being the newest, in China. The Moto E hasn't yet seen a new device for 2016, but there are plenty of rumors. The Moto X is perhaps the most interesting here. As the Moto X was their flagship up until this year, when the Moto Z was introduced and became the company's flagship smartphone. So it looks like it's coming back, but it may not be available everywhere. Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only because it's a leak, but roadmaps like these do change quite often.

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