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When it comes to connecting with audiences, nothing is more intimate than a live, in-the-flesh chat session Since virtual reality technology isn't quite at a level to make that work over the internet yet, content creators on multiple channels have been turning to the next best thing; live video. The latest platform to jump on the bandwagon is Kickstarter, trying out a live video platform that they say will promote "radical transparency" between creators and backers. They've been testing out their new Kickstarter Live platform with a select few creators in beta for a while now, and announced on Wednesday morning that they are ready to let everybody on board with the new option.

Kickstarter Live boasts many of the same features found in other live video platforms, such as audience interaction, questions and answers, and even sending pictures to creators. It allows a bold new level of intimacy, ensuring that backers see creators as being just as human as they are, rather than simply as a vehicle for content or product creation. The platform allows deep interaction between creators and backers, and even allows backers to pledge and choose rewards while watching the live stream. This means that users watching a product demo could have a close look at the various tier rewards and get a taste of what they're in for before throwing down their hard-earned cash.

The platform has been used for everything from live musical performance and cooking shows to product demos and live videos of game development in its beta form, and the live format with viewer interaction makes it suited for a very wide range of content from creators. Kickstarter Live also boasts an Explore page, where viewers can check out a wide range of different live video streams , sorted by day to allow viewers to plan out which ones they check in on, or watch older videos. This is a new way to browse Kickstarter projects and is certain to bring in backers that otherwise would not have known that a project existed. If you would like to go Live with your Kickstarter project, just click "Live Stream" from the menu on the left side of your project page and follow the instructions.


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