Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Speakers Under $100

Holiday Gift Guide Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

JBL Clip 2


While speakers are about power, it does not mean that everything powerful has to be big. In fact, JBL’s Clip range has been proving just the opposite and offering consumers a very good quality and powerful Bluetooth speaker in a very small form factor. The JBL Clip 2 is the latest in this range and continues the trend. This is designed to be ultra portable and thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating, it is one which is good to be used just about anywhere. While its unique clip nature also means it can be attached to just about anywhere including clothes and bicycles. This one even comes with its own included (and attached) 3.5 mm jack cable so you really do have all you need in a very small package and at a very pocket-friendly price.

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BRAVEN BRV-1M Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Moving on and next up is the BRAVEN BRV-1M. This speaker is a typical BRAVEN speaker and adopts a typical BRAVEN design and form factor. If you are new to BRAVEN products, this means this speaker is built to last and can be used just about anywhere. Adding to its durable build you can expect to find a 2,200 mAh battery for powering your smartphone when needed. As well as a playable duration of 12 hours before the speaker needs to be charged again. Not bad for a speaker which only measures 6-inches by 3.5-inches by 2.1-inches.

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UE ROLL Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Another speaker which is designed to be both portable and powerful is the UE ROLL. This is one which adopts a similar design to the JBL Clip and also adopts a very durable outer casing. So while being small, this is one speaker which will be able to handle the outside world. Especially as in addition to its expected 9 hour battery life in between charges, the UE ROLL also comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. Which makes it ideal to be used just about anywhere.

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JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


JBL make a range of good Bluetooth speakers and while some can be pricey, ones likes the JBL Clip 2 and the JBL Flip 3 are designed to be much more affordable. In fact for the under $100 price bracket, the JBL Flip 3 is a very good speaker as it adopts the same rugged design as its more expensive counterparts, the same features and even a comparable sound quality. That is in addition to its 3,000 mAh battery and its expected 10 hours of continuous playback and all while maintaining a 7.5-inch by 4.5-inch by 3.9-inch size.

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Sony SRSX11 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Those looking for a very small speaker but one which adopts quite a stylish design only need to look at the Sony SRSX11. This is an ultra-small speaker and one which still manages to output 10-watts. In spite of its small size, this is also a Bluetooth speaker which offers up to 12 hours of continuous playback before needing to be recharged again and also has the ability to sync up with other Sony SRSX11 speakers. Speaking of which, this is one which is available in a variety of colors, making it an ideal option for those looking for a number of small but effective speakers to place around the home.

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UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Another small yet powerful speaker worth checking out is the UE MINI BOOM. This one measures just 2.4-inches in height, 4.4 inches in length and 2.6-inches in depth. Yet, it is a speaker that is designed to offer a very clear sound and largely thanks to its inclusion of a two 1.5-inch full range drivers and 1.5-inch passive radiator, As well as a big sound from this little speaker, you can also expect a decent level of battery life with the speaker rated to be able to offer up to 10 hours of continuous playback.

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Divoom Outdoor2 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The 2nd Generation Divoom Voombox is designed to be a speaker which can provide a very rich sound and this is achieved by the inclusion of no less than six drivers which collectively offer a 15-watt output. This is all while still maintaining a durable build which comes with an IP44 certification and a 3,600 mAh battery which is listed to offer up to 12-hours of continuous playback.

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BRAVEN 570 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


While BRAVEN has already made the list once today, the BRAVEN 570 is another speaker which is priced under $100 and certainly worth checking out. This one looks to offer a very good sound output for the price and largely thinks to the inclusion of dual HD drivers which offer a 6-watt output. This one also looks to offer a more stylish design than some of the other rugged speakers and therefore will be an ideal solution for those looking for a more at home speaker. Although, this one does come with a battery which is listed to offer up to 10 hours of continuous playback so if you do need to take it on the road, you can rest assured it will last.

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Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker


While BRAVEN has made the list twice today, so has Sony as their SRSX5 speaker is another great option for those looking for a speaker priced at under $100. This is one which offers a great and big sound thanks to its ability to generate a total power output of 20-watts. Not to mention this one also looks to offer an enhanced level of bass thanks to its inclusion of a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators. All while still maintaining a smaller form factor and coming loaded with a battery which is listed to offer up to 8 hours of continuous playback.

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AmazonBasics Large Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Closing out the list today is a speaker from the AmazonBasics range. While Amazon might not be the first name you think of for audio speakers, they are a company who has been investing heavily in such products and the AmazonBasics range is a great option for those looking for a decent speaker at a good price. This one comes packing two speakers which each offer 5-watts of power. In addition, the AmazonBasics speaker comes packing a battery which will last up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged again. While its Bluetooth 4.0 connection means you can expect a reliable and solid connection to a Bluetooth-enabled device from as much as 30 feet away. Although you can always just use the included 3.5 mm stereo jack port for direct connecting to devices as well.

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