Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks


Arrela Hornbill Bluetooth Selfie Stick


This selfie stick here is a Bluetooth one, enabling you to use the included remote to take a picture, instead of needing to actually press the shutter button on your smartphone. This also works with GoPro's, making it a great selfie stick for taking on adventures and such.


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Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick



Fugetek's selfie stick here can extend to 4.2-inches and even has a mount for regular cameras, instead of only being available for smartphones and such. This "professional" selfie stick will help you get the best pictures from your front-facing camera, or even the rear-facing camera, depending on how you opt to use the selfie stick.

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TaoTronics Selfie Stick



TaoTronics also has a nice selfie stick here, which will securely hold your smartphone in place while you get that perfect picture. Unlike some other selfie sticks, it does not come with a flash that you can use when taking your picture. Nor does it use Bluetooth to give you a remote to snap the picture.

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Kiwii Selfie Stick with built-in Remote Shutter


Kiwii's selfie stick here has a built-in remote shutter. This means that you can use the selfie stick to take a wider picture without needing to touch your smartphone. Definitely a great idea. Additionally, you can adjust the angle that your phone is sitting at in the selfie stick, so you can get that perfect angle for your picture.


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Anker Selfie Stick



Here's a pretty high-end selfie stick, at least in terms of build quality goes. Anker has a built-in shutter for this selfie stick, this, of course connects via Bluetooth. The selfie stick can adjust to the right size, so that it can hold just about any smartphone. Including the large Nexus 6, Nexus 6P or even the smaller Sony Xperia X Compact.

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Flexion Bluetooth Selfie Stick



Flexion's selfie stick can be extended. Allowing you to have it close to you or far away depending on the setting you're in, a nice feature to have. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use the control on the selfie stick to take a picture instead of having to press the shutter button on the actual phone. Pretty neat idea. The holder on this stick is adjustable and can take just about any sized smartphone.

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Noot Groupie Selfie Stick


Noot is another one that features an extendable arm with their selfie stick. This way you can get even more people in the picture. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to your device, but there is no battery inside, there is a dedicated shutter key on the Noot Groupie Selfie stick here, making it easy to take pictures with the Selfie stick.

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SideTech Selfie Stick


Like many of the others on this list, SideTech also has included an extendable handle in their selfie stick. It also comes in plenty of colors including black, blue, green and pink, so you can pick from a variety of colors. There is also a built-in remote shutter button which uses Bluetooth. There also isn't a battery or an app needed for this selfie stick.

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PerfectDay Ultra Compact Foldable Selfie Stick


This is another one that is ultra compact and can fold up pretty small. So that you can take it with you, and it doesn't take up a whole lot of space in your bag or your purse. It does use Bluetooth for its remote shutter that is also included here. The head of the selfie stick is also adjustable, up to 270 degrees. Which is useful for getting different angles on your selfies.

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Mpow iSnap X Selfie Stick


Mpow has a pretty cheap selfie stick here, and it's a one-piece selfie stick. That includes an adjustable handle as well as a holder for the phone. So it can handle smartphones of any size, even those that are 6-inches or even larger. It does use Bluetooth for its remote shutter feature, so there is a battery inside that will need to be recharged. But it does last quite a while on a charge.

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