Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Point And Shoot Cameras Under $1,000


FujiFilm X70


The FujiFilm X70 is a more affordable and more compact version of the classic X100 line of cameras. It still packs in a large DSLR-size 16.3-megapixel sensor, and it also has a fast f/2.8 28mm fixed lens for excellent shots no matter the conditions. With a simple look and feel, this is an easy-to-use camera that will no doubt remind some of cameras of the past, and just as they were a joy to use, so too is the X70. Great value more than anything else, the X70 is well worth looking into, all the while looking cool no matter the weather.

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Sony DSC-RX100 Mark IV


Something of a success story for Sony, the RX100 line has been a big deal since they first hit shelves. This model can be considered something of a Greatest Hits album, as it keeps the same look and feel of the other models, but has all the right boxes ticked. The lens is excellent at f/1.8 to f/2.8 throughout the range and the 20-megapixel sensor is 1-inch in size and better than ever. Where Sony really set themselves apart here however, is in the autofocus, which gives the RX100 315 points of PDAF autofocusing, making it the world's fastest camera at 0.02 seconds to lock on to what you need to capture.

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Ricoh GR II


The Ricoh GR II might not be the easiest camera to use, which is why it will appeal to professionals and enthusiasts more than anything. The GR II has the new GR ENGINE V which, combined the filter-less design of the sensor ensures for super-crisp images here, as there's no soft pictures produced by the GR II. It's a simple-looking affair with a lot of power hidden behind all those menus and settings, all of which makes the Ricoh GR II something that all enthusiasts should take a look into, especially if they want a professional piece of equipment while on the move.

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Olympus TG-4


Waterproof and rugged cameras like the Olympus TG-4 are often not well-suited for the everyday life of a budding photographer, and so owning one is often an added expensive. Thankfully, this is a pretty great option that doesn't break the bank. There's a wide, bright f/2.0 aperture here as well as a 4x Optical Zoom lens to go with it, which makes this one of the better options on the market. It might be to everyone's taste in terms of look, it's a proven model and is quite clearly good value for money.

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FujiFilm X100


The X100 is the camera that kickstarted things for FujiFilm in the X-series, and while it's certainly a little long in the tooth by now, it's a lot cheaper than newer versions of the X100, all the while sharing the base DNA that makes them all great. The Hybrid viewfinder here is a real joy to work with and the overall look and feel of the camera is perfect for those looking to get out there and capture what they see in incredible detail and clarity. It might be old, but it's still certainly a golden standard.

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Leica C Camera


Leica is a name that will be synonymous with photography and those of a certain generation, and while their digital offerings have often left a little to be desired, this compact and cute option is one that will please those looking for a great camera, without all of the hard work. A point-and-shoot option that has a lot going for it, including a super high-resolution LCD display and an excellent, large 12.1-megapixel sensor, the Leica C is a classy affair worth looking into.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100


The DMC-ZS100 is perhaps the best Lumix camera at this sort of price point and form factor that Panasonic has ever made. With a Leica 10x optical zoom lens, a super-sharp electronic viewfinder, as well as 4K video and all kinds of technological tricks up its sleeve, this is a modern classic. WiFi and NFC connectivity have come along for the ride, and this is one camera that can do a lot of what you want it to to a high standard.

Buy the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100

Olympus Stylus 1S


An excellent travel camera, the Stylus 1S from Olympus has it all, from a good look and feel in the hand, to a 10x optical zoom lens. There's even a touchscreen around the back of the camera for interacting with your images in a more modern way, and everything looks good, all the while working well and producing excellent images. Great for speedy objects and capturing a lot of detail from far away, this is one package that does it all, and the electronic viewfinder will make you feel like you're using a DSLR without the added hassle or price tag.

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Canon PowerShot G3 X


The way that Canon names their PowerShot line of devices can seem confusing, but the G3 X is one of their best to date. With an excellent 25x Optical Zoom lens, as well as a 20.2-megapixel sensor behind it, this is a camera that can replace a mirrorless or DSLR option while on the move quite easily. With a built-in flash as well as an optional viewfinder, WiFi, NFC and more the PowerShot G3 X is a great camera to use in the field to get some professional results while on the move.

Buy the Canon PowerShot G3 X

Panasonic FZ1000


Great for video as well as more professional work without having to carry around lots of lenses and such, the FZ1000 from Panasonic is well worth the asking price. It not only looks and feels more like a DSLR, but also acts like one, too. With a large 20.1-megapixel sensor that's capable of capturing 4K, coupled with a 16x optical zoom lens, this is one hell of a package. Perfect for someone looking to move up in the world of photography without having to swap lenses or add attachments to things, this is well worth giving some thought.

Buy the Panasonic FZ1000

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