Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Laptop Mice


Logitech MX Master Wireless MouseLogitech MX Master

Starting things off is a popular option, and it's wireless which makes it great for use with laptops. The Logitech MX Master is highly regarded for its design and slightly larger than average size for what you might expect from most wireless mice that are designed for laptop use. While you'll find many of the standard traits of a mouse here, like the ergonomic design for comfort and the scroll wheel up top, it's the side scroll wheel that is designed for horizontal scrolling that really sets it apart. It also has a long lasting battery life of up to 40 days on a single charge.

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VicTsing MM057VicTsing MM057


Simple and understated, yet effective, the MM057 from VicTsing is equipped with everything you'll need for standard laptop use, like the scroll wheel up top and the simple left and right buttons. It features and ergonomic design with textured rubber sides for better grip and comfort, and it features multiple DPI switches for a more customized precision. It even boasts being able to work through 5 million keystrokes. It also uses an easy plug and play design so getting up and running is quick and painless.

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth MouseMicrosoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Instead of using the 2.4GHz wireless frequency for connectivity to your laptop, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort is Bluetooth, so connection should be a little bit easier. Aside from the design which is meant to provide comfort over long periods of use, it has a nifty little touch windows tab button, making it as easy as possible to open up the start screen and get to your installed apps. It also has a 4-way navigational scroll wheel, so not only can you scroll up and down but also to the sides if you ever have the need. As an added benefit it's also compatible with Android tablets so you can use it with multiple devices.

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Logitech Wireless Mini MouseLogitech Wireless Mini Mouse

If you're main concern with a laptop mouse is to have something as small as possible without sacrificing comfort so it's easy to tote around with you, the consider this wireless mini mouse from Logitech which boasts being able to fit inside your pants pocket. It's plug and play with a tiny nano receiver that plugs into an open USB port on your laptop, and it has a simple three-button setup with just the left and right buttons as well as the scroll wheel.

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Amazon Basics Wireless MouseAmazon Basics Wireless Mouse


If simple is your aim, then you really can't go wrong with the Amazon Basics mouse. This model is wireless so there is no cord to plug it in making it ideal for travel use, and it has a no frills design so there isn't a lot of extra features, it just carries the essentials. It's also built for plug and play as you simply insert the nano receiver into an open USB port and you're ready to go.

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Logitech M325 Wireless MouseLogitech M325

While not quite as small as the mini mouse up above, it's still a fairly compact size making it great for use with laptops. It also has a textured rubber material on the scroll wheel and sides for grip and comfort, as well as a nano receiver for easy plug and play setup.

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth MouseMicrosoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse

The benefits of this particular mouse lie in a couple of different areas. It's designed for ambidextrous use so it's a perfect fit for those that are both right and left handed, and it utilizes Bluetooth technology for connectivity, as well as BlueTrack technology which boasts excellent tracking capability, meaning you should be able to use it on nearly any surface without issue. It also uses low power, so you can get about six months out of it before you'll need to swap the batteries out for new ones.

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Logitech M535Logitech M535


Unlike the M325, the Logitech M535 switches from using the 2.4GHz wireless frequency for a connection to Bluetooth. The mouse is also still compact so it's great for fitting in your bag pocket and for traveling, and its laser-grade optical sensor should allow for tracking on many surfaces. It also has a pretty long-lasting battery life of up to 10 months before having to switch batteries out.

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Microsoft BX3 Wireless Optical MouseMicrosoft BX3

Much like the designer mouse up above, this mouse from Microsoft features an ambidextrous design making it great for either right or left handed users, and it connects via the wireless receiver that can also be stored in the bottom of the mouse so you don't have to worry about losing it. Lastly, the buttons are also customizable so you can program them to initiate whatever functions suit you best.

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Razer OrochiRazer Orochi

Gamers use laptops too, which is why no gamer should be without an option for a great wireless mouse that is best suited for use with laptops and those who need to use the computer and game on the go. The Razer Orochi uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology for connectivity so the Bluetooth is fairly up to date, and it has a stunning 8,200 DPI for some extreme sensitivity if you want more precise control. It can last for about 7 months on the batteries before they need to be swapped out. Lastly, it's also designed to be ambidextrous and it's equipped with the Chroma lighting as this is Razer's latest iteration of the Orochi mouse, which amounts to 16.8 million color options when it comes to customizing the LED lights.

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