Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Drones Under $250

Holiday Gift Guide Drones

UDI 818A HD+UDI 818A HD+

Starting this list off is the UDI 818A HD+, which comes with an HD camera attached, as well as a 4GB microSD card for storing your photos and videos meaning that you won’t have to buy one yourself. That is, unless you need more than 4GB of space, and you very well might. The camera is a 2MP sensor which is capable of recording in 720p at 30fps. It has a one-key return home function so you can bring the drone back without much effort, and it comes bundled with a 2,200 mAh battery pack so it can be recharged on the go if needed. All in all, not a bad little drone if you’re looking at this one for a starter.

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Next up is this model from DBPOWER, which comes with features like headless mode for easier flight controls, as well as an HD camera for recording video and taking pictures. If you only plan on taking this thing out for a single run you’ll be able to fly a total distance of about 100 meters before the battery needs recharging, and it has an 8-9 minute flight time, which seems about standard for many drones in this price range. Lastly, the drone features a 3D VR split screen display mode, which allows you to connect a VR headset and view the world from the drone’s point of view while you fly it.



With a 720p HD camera onboard and the ability to view what the camera sees through a VR headset, this is one drone which is sure to delight any interested buyer. It features a headless mode which makes it a good start for beginner pilots and the remote has a phone mount so you can watch what’s happening as you fly.



This is another model from DBPOWER in their UDI line, so there will be some similarities between this model and the last one, such as the remote, which comes with a phone holder so you can watch what the camera sees as you fly the drone. When it comes to the design however, there is quite a bit of difference. For example, there are LED lights on the front which allow the drone to be more visible in lower light. The UDI U842 also features FPV Real Time HD transmission which allows for streaming a live feed of the drone camera to your mobile device. This drone also features a headless mode for an easier learning curve for beginner pilots, and it’s capable of 360-degree flips. There’s even a low voltage alarm for when the drone is running low on power, so you know when to bring it back and swap out the battery or charge them if they’re both dead.


UDI U28-1UDI U28-1


With this model, you’re getting a little bit of a smaller drone, but it has a few similarities to some of the others, such as the headless mode for easier beginner flying, as well as the HD camera with the capability to stream a live feed. The nice thing about the UDI U28-1 is that the remote should be a little more comfortable to hold due to the design, and in the middle instead of having a mount where you can place your mobile device, it has its own built-in 4-inch display for viewing. It also support one-button stunts and 360-degree rolls, and it comes bundled with a 4GB microSD card for storing the video.

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Air Hogs – Helix SentinelAir Hogs - Helix Sentinel

Much like the others on this list, the Helix Sentinel from Air Hogs provides you with an HD camera mounted on the drone that support 720p video, as well as the ability to stream a live feed of the footage to your mobile device. This model also supports watching the footage in first person view through a VR headset or viewer, if you’d rather feel like you are the drone. The Helix Sentinel even comes with the VR headset, and a carrying case to store it all when the drone isn’t in use. The drone comes with a 4GB microSD card as well, although it does not come with its own rechargeable batteries, and instead uses 4 AA batteries which have to be picked up separately.

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Case Club Waterproof DJI Phantom 3 Drone CaseCase Club Waterproof DJI Phantom 3 Case

So this isn’t exactly a drone, but every drone owners should have something to keep their unit in, and if you’re an owner of a DJI Phantom 3, which doesn’t come cheap, then you’ll definitely want something to keep the drone in that protects it. This particular case is waterproof, as the name suggests, and you can fit the Phantom 3 right in without taking off the propellers. The case is also dust-proof, and in addition to holding the drone, it can also carry a tablet, the controller, memory cards, and extra batteries and propellers. As an added benefit, the foam on the inside can be cleaned by simply wiping it down as it’s made of closed cell military-grade polyethylene.

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Blomiky 506HGBlomiky 506HG


Unlike many of the other drones in this price range, the Blomiky 506HG comes with a 12MP camera that’s capable of recording in Full HD 1080p with a 170-degree super wide angle lens, giving it an edge on the others in this list in the video department. It also has a headless mode for easier flying, and it comes with two batteries so one can be swapped out and charged if need be. It has a remote control distance of 50 meters, and it has a one button return key – if you don’t want to fly the drone back.

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Syma X8HGSyma X8HG

Carrying a similar style to some of the Syma drones that fall under the $100 mark, this model comes with an upgraded camera as it features an 8MP camera for photos, while video can be recorded in both 1080p and 720p. The X8HG boasts a stable flight thanks to the six-axis gyro, and although it doesn’t appear to offer a one-button return key to bring it back, it does carry other features like LED lights for better visibility of the drone at night, and the ability to be flown indoors.

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Hover-Way AVA DroneHover-Way AVA Drone

Rounding out the list is the Hover-Way AVA Drone, which features a sleek black outer body and a built-in camera design that has the sensor integrated into the body of the drone instead of mounted to the bottom of it like many of the others. The camera only appears to record in 720p, but it can stream the video feed to your device so you can see what the camera sees at any point if you wish to do so. To access the live view feature you will need to have the companion app installed which can be picked up on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. The drone comes bundled with a few extras, such as replacement blades and it also comes with an 8GB microSD card for storing the photos and videos. It has a total flight time of about 20 minutes if you utilize both the batteries that come with it.

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