Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Holiday Gift Guide Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Samsung Gear IconX


The promise of fully-wireless earbuds has been a long time coming, and while Samsung’s option might not be the best, they’re reasonably priced, good-looking and fairly straightforward to use, too. Add heart rate tracking and activity monitoring, and we quickly realize that Samsung has put together a product that ticks all of the boxes, and does so in style. These work with all Android phones out there, and they’re Bluetooth just like the rest of the headphones on this list. The Gear IconX is a product that Samsung hopes will be loved by everyone.

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V-MODA Crossfade Wireless


V-MODA has become a name known for blending fashion and quality sound together, and they recently teamed up with Roland to solidify that fact. The Crossfade Wireless are a pricey pair of wireless headphones that aim to offer a lot of value, while delivering that punchy, warm and smooth sound that people have come to know and love from V-MODA. With great range, a clear signal and a long-lasting battery, the added carrying case as well as customizable ear pads make these a pair that will please those looking for something great for the commute as well as something around the house.

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Bluedio Hurricane


At $30, these are a pair of wireless headphones that are great if you’re on a budget, and they look the part, too. With over 2,500 reviews on Amazon, as well as great value for money, this option from Bluedio would make for a great gift. On top of that, they’re fairly fashionable and with a 57mm driver, they should deliver punchy bass and crisp highs without being too fatiguing for the listener. They might come with the best overall sound signature, or even much in the way of accessories, but they’re an inexpensive gift at the very least.

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Jaybird X2


Designed primarily for sports use, the Jaybird X2 are an affordable pair of Bluetooth earbuds that have a good name attached to them. With a great selection of ear tips and a wing system that keeps them firmly in place while at the gym or during a run, the jaybird X2 are also nice and comfy at the desk or on the commute. Available in a range of different colors, and complete with a quality sound signature and good volume to match, these are one of the stand outs in this list.

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Rowkin Bit Charge


If the idea of fully-wireless earbuds if what you want to give this Holiday season, or you’re looking for a pair yourself, this Rowkin pair have a good reputation and come presented as a slick package all-round. With three hours battery life at a time, with the case-cum-battery offering 15 times that on a single charge, these are a great pair for the commute or to use around the office without the pesky wires and such. With a simple, minimal design and crisp, true stereo audio, the Bit Charge from Rowkin are a pair that you should definitely consider. Especially given that they’re not all that expensive, either.

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Master & Dynamic MW60


If you’re looking for a luxurious pair of headphones that not only sound fantastic, but also look like it, then the MW60 from New York brand Master & Dynamic is a good choice. With genuine lambskin leather and aluminum used for the majority of the construction, the MW60 feel luxury throughout. The Bluetooth range is fantastic, and the quality is so good that there’s little to tell you that these are in fact a wireless pair of headphones, aside from the fact that you’re not tangled up any more. Sure, these are expensive, but they do deliver on that high price tag.

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Beats by Dre Powerbeats 2


Sometimes a brand name is often more powerful than the actually product itself, and for the Beats by Dre brand, that’s 100% true. These Powerbeats 2 are now a recognizable offering from the Beats by Dre house, and they’re loud, powerful and great for running, wearing around the office or just when you’re on the move. They might have the best bang for buck, but they make for an excellent product, and they’ll put a smile on the face of someone this Holiday season, given the great reputation and brand power that Beats now has.

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Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless


As fashionable headphones go, the Momentum brand from Sennheiser has carved out a decent name for itself. With a quality, hard-wearing yet good-looking design, the Momentum 2.0 Wireless version offer everything people loved about the original version, but add Bluetooth wireless into the mix. With a rich, detailed sound signature as well as a quality carrying case to match, these offer good value for money, while offering more than just a wireless headphone, as these are excellent headphones all round.

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Motorola VerveOnes+


The Motorola VerveOnes+ are a pair of fully-wireless earbuds that offer similar functionality to other wireless earbuds, but do so without the hefty price tag, or indeed the hassle that others come with. There’s a decent Android app to make sure everything sounds to your liking, and the neat little carrying case serves as a battery pack as well as a charging cradle that’s a little more compact and easier to use that other options. Wile they might not have the same sort of branding as the Gear IconX from Samsung, they make up for that in decent range and quality sound.

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Audio-Technica ATH-S700BT


Given the popularity of their ATH-M50X pair of headphones, it’s not surprising that Audio-Technica also make an affordable wireless option. The ATh-S700BT might not blow people away with either their build quality or their sound quality, they’re affordable and will allow users to jump into the world of quality wireless from a well-known brand without breaking the bank. A wireless version of the ATH-M50X would be ideal, but these are a great pair to consider that also offer a lot of value for money.

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