Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 2017: Top 10 Best Android Gaming Accessories


It's that time of year again and if you're already getting a head-start on picking up your gifts for other this season, there's no doubt that you're looking for some pretty good deals. If you or someone you're buying for happens to big on mobile gaming, then there's tons of gifts out there to help make the experience of gaming on Android devices much more exciting and enjoyable. With that said, there are also lots of things which fall into the gaming accessories or gaming gear for Android devices category, so we've put together a list of 10 noteworthy items which will make for a great gift.

NVIDIA SHIELD Wireless Controllernvidia-shield-controller

Kicking things off will be NVIDIA's SHIELD Wireless Controller. While this is meant to be used specifically with the SHIELD devices, it's a fantastic controller and if plugged in with a USB cable that comes with the device, it can also be used for gaming on the PC for compatible games, which is a bonus.

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Travel Hard Case For NVIDIA SHIELD Controllernvidia-shield-controller-travel-hard-case

While the NVIDIA SHIELD Controller is a nice thing to have on hand, if you frequently use it while on the go, you definitely want to keep it protected in something so it isn't just moving around in your bag. That's where this EVA hard travel case comes in handy. It has a zipper enclosure to keep it securely closed, it's lined with soft micro fiber on the inside and it even has a mesh pocket for storing things like the USB cable or even microSD cards.

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SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Card with Adaptersandisk64gb-microsd


If you're playing games on Android then there is a good chance that some of them are taking up a good amount of space. That's also in addition to the other apps and files as well as media you likely have stored on your device. If your smartphone or tablet doesn't have the largest amount of internal storage space, a microSD card is never a bad idea.

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SteelSeries Stratus XL Wireless Game Controllersteelseries-stratus-xl

When it comes to gaming peripherals, little are as well-known as SteelSeries. Partly because of their stylish and thoughtful accessory designs, but also because they make gaming products of exceptional quality. The SteelSeries Stratus XL game controller is no different here, complete with a standard button setup, two joy sticks, a D-Pad, and left and right triggers and bumpers. On top of working with Android, the Stratus XL also works with Windows gaming PCs and it can be used with devices like the Gear VR since it just connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

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NVIDIA SHIELD Remotenvidia-shield-remote

While this isn't technically a gaming accessory as you won't be using it to play games, it is a fine accessory to have to pair with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console as it can allow you to more easily navigate the interface like you would with a TV and traditional remote. It also supports voice search with a dedicated button.


NVIDIA SHIELDnvidia-shield


Following on from the previous item on this list, if you don't already have an NVIDIA SHIELD, then this will be what you want to look at as it serves he purpose of being a fantastic Android-based gaming device with exclusive content as well as he same games you'll find on many other Android devices.


Samsung Gear VRsamsung-gear-vr

If you have one of the handful of compatible Samsung devices, one of the best gaming accessories you can have on Android is a VR headset these days. With the software being powered by Oculus, Gear VR owners can expect to experience some topnotch mobile gaming content, and if you don't already have a game controller which works with the Gear VR, there are a couple of options on this list as well.

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GameSir G3 Bluetooth GamepadGameSir G3 BT Gamepad

If you want a gamepad to connect up to your Android device for games but are looking for something that is a bit more towards the lower end on cost compared to the SteelSeries Stratus XL, look no further than the G3 Bluetooth Gamepad from GameSir, which features a similar collection of buttons, simply with a little bit of a different placement. The controller does also have its own shape and design, but those used to a DUALSHOCK 3 or DUALSHOCK 4 controller for PlayStation consoles will likely feel right at home with this one.

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POWER A MOGA Pro Powerpower-a-moga-pro-power


The MOGA controllers should need little introduction with those who like to use gamepads for Android games. It features a comfortable design that is not too unlike traditional console controllers for the Xbox, and it has all the standard buttons you'd find. The benefit of the MOGA Pro Power is that it has the built in arm for holding the device in front of you, and it can charge your device while you play with the built-in battery.

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Razer Kraken Mobilerazer-kraken-mobile

Last but not least is the Razer Kraken Mobile headset. If you or the person you're buying for really enjoys their games, then good quality sound is not only important but it can make all the difference in how immersive and exciting the game can be. Razer is always known for their stellar gaming accessories, and the Kraken Mobile is just like their original version of the headset that is designed for PC games, but with the use of smartphones and tablets in mind. It also comes in multiple colors.

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