Here's How The Android Nougat Beta Looks On The Galaxy S7


Starting on November 9, the beta update to Android 7.0 (Nougat) is rolling out to a number of Samsung devices in a number of markets, but only some devices make the cut, and those all have limited slots in the beta test. Those wanting to give it a try on their compatible device will find an app for it in the Galaxy Apps store, but those who don't want to take the plunge or don't quite make the cut won't miss out on getting to see the OS in action entirely. Though the animations, the bread and butter of material design, are missing in action since these are still photos, SamMobile took an insane amount of screenshots for the internet's viewing pleasure, exploring every nook and cranny of the update.

For starters, the new UI is a lot cleaner than before. Those unfortunate enough to be current or former Galaxy Note 7 owners will notice a lot of touches from Grace UX. The icons are reworked, the coloration is a bit easier on the eyes, and a lot of the clutter and clunkiness that TouchWiz is notorious for has been stripped away, while keeping most of the features, and even adding some. It's no stretch to say that this is probably the biggest rework of TouchWiz since the Galaxy S6, and it shows in every corner of the UI.

A lot of new features are on board, and a lot have gotten reworked in Nougat. All of the standard Nougat stuff is here, along with cool features like a blue light filter. Those looking to save on battery life will be glad to know that the theme store made the transition, so a battery-friendly black theme is within reach. Those looking to save battery life even more will be glad to know that the entertainment and gaming tools allow you to change the phone's resolution, and pushing less pixels takes less power. The Quick Settings are far, far closer to stock Android than previous iterations of Touchwiz, but with a bit of that Samsung flair in the mix. To top it all off, Samsung has introduced a new font called SamsungOne. Have a look at the whopper of a gallery below if you'd like to get a good, in-depth glimpse of the new face of TouchWiz.



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