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For the majority of users, Google is a way to find out something new, to stay in touch with others, find and download new games and now a way to control our homes. Of course, Google is much than just all that these days, and for a lot of businesses it's the way that they keep employees on the same page as well as keep the wheels turning smoothly. For a long time, this offering of business-focused applications was known as the Google Apps for Work offering, which was recently renamed the G Suite. Simple and to the point, the G Suite has been a big rebranding for Google in the Enterprise world, and now, their G Suite Sites are rolling out in their new design to everyone, too.

The new design of these G Suite apps was shown off earlier this year, and some early adopters were able to test the new design out. Since then, Google have now deemed it viable to roll out to everyone that's now using the G Suite set of Google Apps, and while some might not be happy with the new look and feel, they're certainly a much cleaner and more professional option. The main idea behind these sites is not to launch a full-blown website, but more to, as Google themselves put it "build beautiful, functional pages to aggregate and distribute content across your enterprise, optimized for every screen." For companies, the G Suite Sites are easy to build, as Google offers users a simple drag and drop affair that allows them to create a simple and functional layout and then leave the content up to them.

Building a webpage is one of the easiest ways to get across information to a large group, especially now that they can be accessed no matter where people are, but the building of the website itself isn't all that easy at all. This is where the new G Suite Sites come in, and will be interesting to see how people react to the new layout and design over time. Google will be keeping the old design for Sites around for some time, but their intention is to phase them out altogether. For those that want to steer clear of these new Sites for now, they can take a look at the post from Google, linked in the source below.

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