Google Details Tango Apps You Can Use With The Phab 2 Pro

Tango AR Lenovo 2016 AH 34

The Phab 2 Pro from Lenovo is a phone unlike most others. While the specs and general design are in line with what you might find on a number of other major smartphones, it is the software that makes this one a little different. Well, part of the software, that is. While this is a smartphone that runs on Android, it also happens to be one which supports the Tango platform and therefore, adds an element of augmented reality (AR) to your smartphone experience. To be clear, this is the first smartphone to come to market as a ‘Tango-enabled’ smartphone.

Earlier today, and following what has been a very long time between the initial launch announcement and becoming commercially available, Lenovo finally made the Phab 2 Pro available to buy. In addition to that confirmation and as this is a Google Tango-enabled smartphone, Google has also made a point of highlighting the Tango platform in general and what you can expect if you do decide to pick up the Phab 2 Pro.

In particular, Google has highlighted that there is already upwards of 35 apps that are already-available for Tango-enabled smartphones (including the Phab 2 Pro) to make use of. Some of these are more functional apps, like Measure (which allows you to literally measure the distance between things) and Homestyler Interior Design, iStaging, Lowe’s Vision and WayfairView (which all allow you to visualize how things you don’t currently own would look in a room). Then there are the apps which are designed more for fun than anything else and include the likes of Domino World, Crayola Color Blaster, Slingshot Island and Raise. While also the more informative apps like Solar Simulator and Dinosaurs Among Us, which are both designed to add an element of learning to the AR experience.


In fact, these are just some of the Tango-enabled apps that Google has highlighted and there are quite a few more to digest. So if you do want to find out about the rest of the apps or any of the already-mentioned apps in more detail, then you can read the new blog posting from Google on Tango (as well as gain access to links to all the mentioned apps) by heading through the source link below.