Former Secret Co-Founder Wants To Bring The App Back


Famous playwright Oscar Wilde told the world that a person given a mask will show their true face. Through venues like early IRC chats and BBS systems, anonymous forums, online games, and apps like Secret, the internet has proven his point time and time again, but that freedom has not come without consequences; bullying, racism, talk of taboo topics and other such things that typically don't come out in normal conversation have wiggle room due to the lack of accountability associated with anonymity. It was for this reason that a public outcry and actions within the tech sphere resulted in the shutting down of a good number of anonymous apps and services recently, of which Secret was one. The app allowed people to fire their thoughts into the ether with no fear of the consequences of their words, and former Co-Founder David Byttow thinks that the app is "too important not to exist".

On Sunday evening, Byttow posted a bulletin on his personal Facebook page saying that a new version of Secret was coming, essentially that it had to come. As can be seen in the screenshot below, Byttow explained to an excited fan that they should keep an eye on his Facebook page for updates. Strangely, he seems to have deleted the post since then. Byttow was not the only person involved in Secret's development, or even the only founder. Co-founder Chrys Bader-Wechseler seems to be maintaining radio silence for now.

When Secret went kaput, a number of other apps did the same, all coming under heavy fire for one reason or another. Yik Yak, a college-centric posting and messaging service, for example, suffered criticism over student privacy and related issues. It has come back without the college focus, as a community-centric app. Secret would have some hurdles to jump through in order to not incite the ire of communities like social justice and privacy advocates upon its relaunch, but given the tone of Byttow's post, if the app does come back, it will likely fall back into much the same role it served before; a platform for people to get things off their chest and vent, as well as a place to put risky truths to the light for all to see without risking the wrong kind of attention for it.



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