Fitbit's Most Recent Update Includes A New Dashboard UI


If you're a Fitbit user then you no doubt have the Fitbit companion app installed on your device. It serves as a mobile way to sync the data between the Fitbit you wear on your wrist and your Fitbit account profile. For a while the app's dashboard has looked the same, but with Fitbit's latest update to the app which appears to have started going out this week, a new dashboard and app UI has been added in. This won't be immediately visible, as the new dashboard and UI style are an optional feature right now. That being said, Fitbit is giving users the chance to preview the new look, and they'll alert you to the opportunity the next time you open up the application following the update.

All of the data that was previously available is still accessible from the app, but things have been moved around. In the old UI the very first thing you would see upon opening up the Fitbit app was the Fitbit tracker model that you had synced, which would allow the user to modify various settings for the tracker like silent alarms and more, and under the Fitbit tracker was all of the different data like steps, miles, and calories. With the new dashboard, your fitness data is the focus as everything is now front and center, with the tracker having been moved to the top right corner of the screen similar to the overflow menu placement for most apps, and you can still tap on the tracker to change details too.

Uses will also notice the new FAB button down at the bottom of the screen which opens up a new menu that floats in from the right hand side of the screen when tapped, revealing the different options you can add into your data like exercise tracking, or logging certain elements like water, food, and sleep. You can also add friends from this menu, but just below the FAB there is also a series of buttons that lead you to the different tabs, one of these being a friends tab. You can add new friends from here as well, and this is where you'll interact with those friends by sending messages or comparing data. Of course, with all of the rearranging, Fitbit has still kept pretty much the same color scheme. If you haven't received the update yet, you can download the APK for the latest version of the Fitbit app from the button down below.

Download Fitbit v2.38 APK

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