Drag and Drop Imagery Comes to Google+ Web Interface

Where social media networks are concerned, Google+ might not have taken off the way that Google had hoped, but it's a great way for people to stay connected, and with the communities feature, it's bought a lot of like-minded people together. The service has gone through its fair share of changes over the years as well, and while the Material Design update to the online interface was arguably one of the larger changes to how the service looked online, this latest change might be a bigger deal in terms of it actually behaves. For some time, users looking to share an image or a gallery of new images on Google+ would have to upload them using the file picker of whichever OS they were using. This week, however, this all changes.

As Googler, John Nack, has detailed on Google+ itself, Google's social media network now supports drag and drop online. To be clear, this is just for the Desktop side of things, and is more for those using a laptop or a PC than the mobile web version. With that said, the drag and drop features work pretty much as you'd expect them to; with users able to simply drag an image from their computer's file browser into the Google+ tab in their web browser to start a post with that image. They can also do the reverse of this, dragging an image from someone else's post to their file browser to download it - although Chrome users beware this will download the images in WEBP format, rather than JPEG or PNG. Users can also take advantage of this to drag a group of images to a post they've already composed waiting to be published, as well as drag an image to a comment to simply get your point across better that way.

Considering that a lot of other services have had drag and drop features for a long time now, it's interesting to see that it took Google+ this long to add the same. Of course, with a little more than just uploading options, it's obvious that the team wanted this to become a meaningful part of the experience, rather than a "me too" feature. The new drag and drop feature might not be live for everyone right now, but it should be live for most within a week or so, and the below GIF does a decent job of showing what's possible with these new features.

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