Deal: Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker for $149 – 11/24/16


Bluetooth speakers have become really, really popular these days, but there are a number of limitations to them, not least the pairing and unpairing of different devices to play from different sources. This is where Sonos, as well as other network-dependent wireless speakers come in. The Sonos line of products have become famous for making it as easy as possible connecting speakers to a WiFi network to work with whatever device you want, as well as offering quality sound to boot. For a long time now, however, these speakers from Sonos have been prohibitively expensive for some, especially when scoping out a home theater setup with Sonos. The Sonos PLAY:1, however, is at the lower-end of the spectrum, and is now on sale for just $149, making it not that much more expensive than some top of the line Bluetooth speakers while offering a hell of a lot more functionality.

The Sonos PLAY:1 speaker can be used in similar fashion to a Bluetooth speaker, making it perfect for a bedside cabinet, a kitchen, or any other small room. The big difference, however, is that music is streamed over your home network, which means that it's not as compressed as it would be using Bluetooth, and that oodles of different devices can hook into the speaker, without having to be paired or unpaired over, and over again. What also makes this deal exciting is that those who have invested in a Sonos PLAYBAR, can buy a couple of these to set up as rear left and rear rights – wirelessly – in order to create something of a surround sound system. No matter what you want to do with the Sonos PLAY:1, it's on sale at the link below from Amazon, and is available in either black or white, too.

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