Deal: 128GB SanDisk MicroSD Card for $30 – 11/24/16

128GB SanDisk microSD DEAL BADGE

It’s that time of year again, where many of us sit down to Thanksgiving dinner , and the rest of us either plan what we’re buying tomorrow, or try to order some quick deals online, rather than brave the stores over the weekend. With some great deals on smartphones, tablets, and everything in between available today and through monday, this deal is something that’s a little more affordable, and might tick off a box on your list, without breaking the bank. Right now, SanDisk products across Amazon are cut by as much as 40%. While that means there are lots of SSDs, lots of USB memory sticks and such on sale, it also means that microSD cards are on sale too.

For just $30, buyers on Amazon can get a pretty massive 128GB of storage, in a Class 10 card no less, which means that performance will be quick and smooth, and there will be no lag when loading up files or whatever from your smartphone or tablet. While the new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones don’t have a microSD card slot, the latest from Samsung and practically everyone else, do feature the ability to add more storage. Given the fact that the jump between a 16GB model and something with 64GB of storage can be quite high when purchasing a phone, it’s pretty great to see such a deal on a massive 128GB microSD card such as this.

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