Daydream View Use Causes Hot Temperatures For The Pixel XL


Google's Daydream View is the hottest thing in mobile VR right now, and that might be just because it has just been recently released this week, but it's also got some really compelling content for uses to enjoy. The only downside for some at the moment might be that it's only compatible with two smartphones – The Pixel and the Pixel XL. While the general consensus so far seems to be that the experience with Daydream View is pretty smooth and definitely something that's recommended to try out if you get the chance, it is worth noting that the Pixel XL can get up to some pretty hot to the touch temperatures after using the device inside of the headset.

As pointed out by XDA Developers on Twitter, the device got up to about 110-degrees Fahrenheit after around four minutes of use. The heat was also noted by us in our video review of the Daydream View headset where it actually got up to about 133-degrees. You can view all of these temperatures in the gallery of images below. While this is not necessarily much of an issue in terms of device performance, as the device seems to continue running fine, it's worth mentioning so that people known that they're Pixel XL may be hotter than they're used to if they decide to remove the phone and touch it right after they're done with the headset.

That being said, this really shouldn't be much of a problem if users give it a minute or two to cool down a little bit, and it's usually normal for devices to get fairly warm when doing things as demanding on the CPU as VR content, especially if that content happens to be games. So far there have been no reports or warnings of the Pixel XL reaching excessively high and dangerous temperatures after use of the Daydream View, and it doesn't seem to cause any lag or slowdown, so this should serve as more of a warning that the device can get hot, and it might be uncomfortable to grab immediately when done with the headset.

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