Brave Software Returns Link Bubble to Play Store


When it comes to smartphone apps, there is a lot of money to be made, perhaps not in the sort of numbers that there used to be out there for those with a great new idea, but there's still some money out there. Chris Lacy, one of the more popular Android developers in the community, sold his Link Bubble app to Brave Software a couple of years ago, and while Brave wanted to use the technology to make a better ad-blocking browser, they've flip-flopped somewhat.

Brave Software have now returned Link Bubble to the Play Store under its original name, as well as returning the app to what it once was; a simple bubble browser of sorts. If you're not familiar with Link Bubble, it was essentially a web browser that would open links you clicked on in Android in a separate bubble, which you could minimize and move around just like the chat heads in the Facebook Messenger app. This was a pretty great idea for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it allowed users to stay in the app they were and then look at the links after they were finished doing what they originally set out to do. Link Bubble also had some pretty great privacy and ad-blocking features, and that's what Brave Software wanted to use in their own browser. Now, however, the two have returned to being separate items. The Link Bubble app is back in the Play Store under its original name, and acts just as it always has done, while the Brave Browser is in the Play Store as a fairly standard web browser, built off of a recent build of Chromium – the open source project behind Google's Chrome.

What used to be known as the Brave Browser has gone back to being Link Bubble, and there's now a separate Brave Browser, as mentioned above. This might be confusing for some, but this should clear thing sup for the future, hopefully. if you've yet to give Link Bubble a try, you can click the Play Store button below to give it a while, and if you've been a long-time fan, perhaps it's worth heading back to the app.


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