Bluboo Edge Takes On The iPhone 7 Plus In 5-Hour Battery Test


The Bluboo Edge is one of the latest smartphones to come from Bluboo Mobile and its main selling point (and naming origin) stems from the fact that the smartphone comes boasting dual curved edges. However, with all the current debate surrounding the safety of smartphone batteries in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7, many manufacturers are keen to ensure you know how safe their smartphones and by association, their smartphone's batteries are. Bluboo Mobile is no different and recently released a video highlighting the safety of its battery. You can watch that video in full by clicking here. Following on from that video and Bluboo Mobile has now released a new video and this one looks to test the battery performance of the Bluboo Edge and its 2,600 mAh battery against the likes of the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple.


In the video, both devices are seen with a full charge and both devices go through the test with the brightness set to the maximum level. The test itself involved a five-hour testing process which was further broken down into one hour segments. Therefore, each smartphone went though an hour of offline video playback, followed by an hour of video recording, an hour of playing games, an hour of social networking browsing and an hour of video chatting.


According to the results of the video, it seems the Bluboo Edge was able to maintain a competitive level of battery with the iPhone 7 Plus. For instance, after three hours of testing, the Bluboo Edge maintained a 54% battery, while the iPhone 7 Plus dropped down to 51%. After the fourth hour, the Bluboo Edge was down to 38% battery while the iPhone 7 Plus was down to 36% and by the end of the final hour, the Bluboo Edge managed to maintain 11% battery while the iPhone 7 Plus was down to 10%. Therefore, the takeaway from the video is that in spite of coming equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery, the Bluboo Edge was able to last as long as the iPhone 7 Plus during a 5-hour testing session.


For those considering picking up a new phone, Bluboo is still running their Black Friday promotion and that means that a number of Bluboo products including the Picasso 4G, Mini, Maya Max and Uwatch are still available at discounted prices. The Black Friday sale also does include the Bluboo Edge which can be picked up for only $109.99. The Bluboo sale event (which does include a contest to win a free Bluboo Uwatch) will remain open until November 30 and you can find out more details about the event by heading through the link below. Alternatively, you can check out the latest video where the Bluboo Edge takes on the iPhone 7 Plus in the 5-hour battery test in full, below.

Bluboo Black Friday Sale

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