AT&T GoPhone Data Top-Ups Tweaked Across The Board


AT&T’s prepaid GoPhone option is nice for budget-conscious consumers and those who don’t want to get locked into a contract, but those who tend to use a lot of data are generally better suited with other options. AT&T is looking to ease the pain a bit for all the app addicts and social media celebrities out there, however, by going through with a slight increase to their data top-up packages for GoPhone users. While all of the plans across the board are getting a data top-up boost, the more expensive base plans tend to feature a bit more value in the options available after customers have burned through their base data bucket.

The $60 plan sits at the top of the heap, offering 6GB to begin with, and allowing customers to grab 3GB for $20, or 1GB for $10. This means a semi-heavy user can snap up a good 10GB of data for the month at a total of $90. While there are cheaper and more value-friendly postpaid options, those looking only at the prepaid market have a pretty good deal here, juxtaposed with comparable options from other carriers and even MVNOs, in some cases. The somewhat cheaper $45 plan starts the user off with 3GB of high-speed data, and can be topped up at a rate of $10 for 1GB. Before, this top-up option only yielded 500MB. The $30 plan requires a separate data package, and can be topped off at $5 per 250MB, up from a somewhat anemic 100MB. Finally, the $2 per day pay as you go plan gives extremely light users something to smile about with 100MB of data available for $1. The catch is that, much like the $2 daily use fee for the base plan, that $1 will only buy you data usable that same day.

As before, all of the plans still include unlimited talk and text, and the $45 and up plans include unlimited slow data, capped at 128Kbps – enough to load Facebook lite or do basic web browsing on a lightweight browser, but video streaming is going to be a loading-for-minutes-on-end affair. Rollover data is also on board, letting those who bought more than they could use get an extra month of quality time with the data that they’ve paid for. The new plan top-ups are effective immediately, and affect all current and future GoPhone users.