Android Pay Adds 31 New Banks, Including Capital One

Android Pay AM AH 1

Android Pay has slowly but surely added all of the most widely used banks across the the country (and the world, although it’s not available in every country just yet). Today, the team added about 31 new banks to Android Pay. Most of them are smaller banks, but the big name in this round of additions is definitely Capital One. Other banks included in this update is Bank Independent, Bank of Rantoul, Bank of the Pacific, Citizens Savings Bank, Colony Bank, Community Bank, Denver Fire Department FCU, Elmira Savings Bank, Federal Savings Bank, First Security Bank & Trust, Five Points Bank, Generations Community FCU, Great River FCU, HAPO Community Credit Union, Impact Bank, Kitsap Bank, Kleberg Bank, Midcoast FCU, Monona State Bank, Novation Credit Union, Palmetto Health Credit Union, Pinnacle Bank, Popular Community Bank, Red Rocks Credit Union, San Antonio Federal Credit Union, Seaside National Bank & Trust, Shell FCU, TheBANK of Edwardsville, TIAA-CREF Trust Company, FSB and Vons Employees Federal Credit Union.

That’s a pretty long list of banks that are now compatible with Android Pay. This should mean that everyone using these banks will begin using Android Pay and make the service a bit more popular. Support for these banks are already included in the Android Pay app, so there’s no need to download an update – especially seeing as there isn’t a new update just yet. If you don’t already have the app installed on your device, you can grab it from the link below. Remember that to use Android Pay, your device will need NFC, as that is how mobile payments are handled with Android Pay – versus MST with Samsung Pay.

For those that might be living under a rock, Android Pay is Google’s second foray into mobile payments. After Google Wallet seemingly failed, the company launched Android Pay last year. It works with every Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later. And as you can see, they are continually adding more and more banks. Additionally, it does also support loyalty cards. Although right now it seems like only Walgreens has it integrated seamlessly. What this means is that at Walgreens when you touch your phone to the terminal, you can scan your loyalty card and pay at the same time. Instead of needing to have the cashier scan your phone and then use it to pay. If you haven’t used Android Pay yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.