Amazon Music Unlimited Heads to UK, Half Price for Echo

Amazon Music Unlimited AH 1

In the world of Amazon, there are few things that the eCommerce giant doesn’t do these days, as they not only deliver all manner of things to people’s doors, but they’ve been offering digital books and TV and movies for years now. Music has also been offered by Amazon, but in different ways over the years, starting off as a sort of online music locker service, and then evolving into a part of the Amazon Prime package. Now, however, it’s available separately as a subscription platform similar to the likes of Google Play Music and Spotify. This week, it’s making the journey across the pond to become available in the UK, with discounts for those using the service with an Echo speaker, which recently just launched in the country, too.

Amazon Music Unlimited is launching in the UK at £7.99 a month for Prime Members, or £79 for the year, and £9.99 for those that aren’t Prime Members. That £9.99 figure lines up with Spotify’s £9.99 Premium option, but given that Spotify offer a Family Plan for £14.99 with six accounts, it’s clear that there are better value options out there. For Echo owners, however, there’s a plan that’s just £3.99 a month for Prime Members, and users can ask Alexa for a trial to Amazon Music Unlimited to get the ball rolling. From there, users can ask Alexa to go ahead and play any song, artist or genre that you want, all by just using your voice. Given that the range of Echo speakers and Alexa in general have just launched in the UK, launching Amazon Music Unlimited shortly afterwards seems like a good plan.

With 40 Million songs on offer, there’s a lot on offer here for Prime and non-Prime Members alike, but given that the latter will need to pay £9.99 a month for a service that is not only unfamiliar, but perhaps not as well-equipped as Apple Music, Spotify or Google Play Music, the eCommerce giant might have something of a tough sell on their hands. The Echo side of things might appeal to those that are looking for a simple, and easy way to listen to music in the home without having to pay too much, but the quality might leave something to be desired. Those looking to download the Android app and sign up in the UK can do so by hitting the button below.

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