Yahoo Mail App Adds Direct Reply, Multi-Window Support


For a lot of users, particularly those born after or around the year 2000, the idea of sending an email might be something of a foreign concept. Thankfully for email providers such as Google and Yahoo however, that's not always the case and there are many uses for email that still don't have a clear replacement just yet, especially in the business place. Yahoo Mail has long been one of the larger email providers around the world, along with Microsoft's Outlook and Google's Gmail, but the platform has come under fire recently for scanning of emails and a conspiracy theory surrounding auto-forwarding. Whether or not those allegations held any weight, the Yahoo Mail app for Android has been updated with support for new features found in Android 7.0 Nougat.

The latest version of Yahoo Mail for Android (5.10) now features support for Direct Reply and multi-window. The former is a new feature that debuts with Android Nougat, which makes it even easier to reply from a notification found in your pulldown. This is a universal feature of Android in this latest release, and developers don't have to do much to get this working in their app. Over time, more and more apps will start to support this new feature to create a consistent experience throughout the whole Android ecosystem. The second feature, as shown above, is support for multi-window, which is another new feature found in Android Nougat. This will allow you to use Yahoo Mail alongside another app that supports Android's native multi-window implementation, and could come in handy for looking up info from an email or the web.

Yahoo Mail might not be the most popular mail provider out there, but it's one of the largest out there, and it's great to see it stay up-to-date with new features heading to Android phones over the next few months, as well as making it ready for the Google Pixel, too. On top of these new features, Yahoo have also streamlined all of the apps settings into one single pane accessed at the top-right corner, and given how long it took Google to add support for features from last year's Android 6.0 Marshmallow to their own apps, Yahoo has done a good job.



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