Xiaomi Opens First Mi Home Store In Singapore

Xiaomi Mi Home 4

Xiaomi doesn’t yet have quite the brand recognition as some of today’s top high-end Android device manufacturers, but the Chinese company is quickly gaining popularity with devices that offer users a great value. Their devices, such as the Redmi Pro, typically have attractive designs and powerful hardware at much more affordable prices than some of their better-known rivals. The company makes other electronics as well but is best known for its series of smartphones. Recently, the company has joined some of their biggest smartphone competitors, like Samsung and Apple, by opening multiple physical retail locations. The brick-and-mortar stores are located in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Now, the company has opened a new retail store located in Singapore as well.

Unlike the other Xiaomi retail stores located throughout Asia, this one will not be run by Xiaomi itself, but rather a local partner, and will, for now, focus on mobile devices and accessories exclusively, though the company plans to bring some of their other items to the store later down the road. In addition to opening a store in Singapore, Xiaomi has turned over control of its regional online sales, which, until now, it has managed on its own in Singapore, to a retailer called Lazada. The next step Xiaomi has planned is to open a retail store in India, which is the second largest market in the world for mobile devices, after its own home country of China.

The latest Xiaomi Mi Home store is located at the Suntec City shopping mall in Singapore. Some of the devices available at the store include the Xiaomi Mi Max, Mi 5, Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3, and Mi Band 2, as well as various mobile-related accessories such as speakers and power banks. The company likely hopes that this move will drive sales in some of their most prominent regions and help them battle fierce competition from local rivals that are also offering high-end hardware at very competitive prices. The company plans to expand even further in the future, with plans to open stores not only in India and China but also possibly in the U.S. as well.