Xiaomi Mi Box Available In Walmart No Later Than Oct 10


The Xiaomi Mi Box is the newest arrival to the Android TV scene. This is a device which was first unveiled back at Google's I/O event earlier in 2016 and then following a rather lengthy wait the Mi Box finally became available to buy in the US today, October 3rd. Although, its availability is somewhat limited for those who are planning to buy early, as the Mi Box is currently only available to buy directly from Xiaomi's online Mi Store.

However, as part of the launch announcement from earlier today, Xiaomi did make it clear that the Mi Box would be heading out to Walmart stores everywhere in due course. As well as becoming available to buy through Walmart online. Although details on when its Walmart availability would go live had yet to be confirmed, with Xiaomi simply stating "Early October" as when it can be expected. For those who would rather pick up the Xiaomi Mi Box from Walmart, it looks like we have some more details on its availability as we have received word that the Mi Box will be back on Walmart store shelves from October 10. Basically, next Monday. Although, we are also hearing from another source that Walmart will begin selling the Mi Box 'by the end of this week'. So whichever way you look at it, October 10 is going to be the latest date that you should expect to see the Mi Box showing up in a Walmart store near you.

Of course, this will not be the first time that Walmart has been selling the Mi Box as it does seem to be the case that stock had already arrived at Walmart stores about ten days ago and the company did for a short period begin selling the device. Although their selling of the Mi Box was a little premature as it seemed as though they had made it onto store shelves accidentally and long before they were supposed to. Either way, if you are waiting to pick up the Xiaomi Mi Box from Walmart, according to our information, next Monday will be the latest that you will have to wait.

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