The White House Publishes A Report On The Future Of AI

The tech industry is an ever-changing beast whose future is basically impossible to accurately predict. Who can say what engineers, scientists, and other experts will come up with within five years, let alone more? Still, some trends are showing more promise and potential to stay than others. Self-driving cars, wearables, virtual reality, and augmented reality solutions have experienced some tremendous advancements in recent years and the amount of funding they're receiving alone is enough to say that they'll surely play a part in future societies in one way or another. Another technology which fits this bill is artificial intelligence. We've been dreaming about advanced AIs for decades and the reality has finally caught up with that dream. Amazon's Alexa has been serving our needs for some time now, AIs capable of deep learning are already getting integrated into things like health apps and phone keyboards, and the recently introduced Google Assistant can only be described as absolutely amazing.

With advancements in quantum computing, the future of AI is truly looking up. Given how a lot of the companies driving advancements in the AI field are located in the United States, the most technologically advanced country in the world, the US government has a big task at hand. It obviously can't let the tech giants run completely loose with their consumer implementations of AI but it also can't go overboard and inhibit the growth of this emerging technology. Earlier today, the White House published a 58-page report on the issue titled "Preparing For The Future Of Artificial Intelligence."

The report goes into a lot of detail regarding the current state of AI and possible future applications of this technology and specifically points out four different aspects of it. It stresses the importance of implementing regulations in order to make tech giants accountable for handling sensitive information, i.e. making sure that the data their AIs access is adequately protected. The paper also asserts that educating the workforce about this technology is of utmost importance before AI can become a significantly bigger part of our lives and recommends that this responsibility is equally shared between the government, educational institutions, and businesses. Furthermore, the report also states that a clear ethical foundation should be put into place in order to prevent scenarios in which AIs are used in an "improper" manner. Last but not least, the White House highlights the importance of global efforts in the process of developing AI technology, citing not only the need for financial resources but also information, i.e. data which can be used to further improve AIs through deep learning. It's worth noting that these are only suggestions for the US lawmakers and the global community and not actual directives. However, this report still does a good job of demonstrating the way in which the executive branch of the technologically most advanced country on the planet sees one of the most exciting technologies currently in existence.

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