WhatsApp's New Camera Features Include Adding Text

WhatsApp New Camera Features

WhatsApp has just begun updating their app and has introduced a handful of new features along with the update that enhance the camera functionality. Now when users take a picture within WhatsApp and send pics to friends or family in messages, they’ll be able to enhance those pictures in a number of different ways, such as by adding text over the top of images as well as adding in emojis, and even by drawing on images to make things more personalized, lively, and fun. The new features should be rolling out to users today through the update, although the app update may not show up for some immediately.

While adding these kinds of enhancements to pictures are a nice touch, it’s not the only new and notable change as the WhatsApp team also points out that users can access the new camera features to enhance their videos as well, which means drawing on top of, adding text to, and inserting emojis in videos. Users will be happy to know that the editing tools will appear for newly taken photos and videos as well as those which were already store inside of the phone’s gallery, so there’s no limitation on which pictures or videos can be tweaked and played with.

Beyond the ability to draw on and add stuff to photos and videos, other new camera features have been introduced as well. Video capture in WhatsApp now includes an ability to zoom in simply by sliding your finger up and down on the screen making it almost effortless, which makes it all the better if this is a feature you’ve been hoping would eventually be added. WhatsApp notes that the camera also now supports using the front screen as a selfie flash you’ll be able to get better low-light shots to make for brighter pictures. Lastly, if you tend to move between the back camera and the front camera for regular photos and selfies, a quick double tap gesture has been added that enables you to switch between the front and back camera quickly and easily. As stated above, WhatsApp mentions that the update that includes these features has started rolling out to Android users today.