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The death of Vine, being a fairly popular service, will leave a lot of content creators stranded, having to back up their content and upload it anywhere they can think to find their audience, with a number of creators flocking to YouTube. It also leaves Vine creators a bit put out, with their favorite video format essentially dead; sure, new six-second videos can be created, stitched together, and uploaded anywhere, but Vine was a more central platform for such content, and practically invented the format. Thankfully, there are a number of places that are suitable to host Vine content. One of those places is now Giphy, and they've even created a conversion tool to make it easy for creators to transfer their content.

Giphy may not be as popular as Vine was in its heyday, but the service is certainly gaining headway these days, and seems a somewhat appropriate home for former Vine creators and their content. Vines that are converted over do make the jump in GIF format, making them a bit more shareable due to a smaller file size and wider in-browser and in-app support, but losing their sound in the process. The source files are still stored in their full glory on, allowing creators to upload their creations elsewhere with every element intact. Giphy's tool includes a quick and easy link, through the GIF details page, to the page for a given video.

In order to port videos over and have them made into GIF files, all a creator has to do is sign up for a Giphy account if they don't already have one, then access the GIPHY Vine tool and enter in their Vine profile URL. From there, Giphy will do all of the work, and the user will be left with a collection of GIF files made from all of their Vines in a short time. The full resolution and visual quality should be mostly present, though the GIF file format does have its limits. For now, Giphy has not announced at what point the tool will be retired, or if it can be used indefinitely. Likewise, Twitter has not announced a date for the website to shut down, which means that users have at least until further notice to get their content ported over.


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