USB Type-C Is The Sole Power Source For Google Wifi


This week has seen an absolute swarm of Google products either being announced, released or having more details provided on. While the Pixels were the star(s) of the show, one of the surprise packages was Google Wifi. This was briefly rumored on prior to the launch, but came October 4 and all the details of what Google Wifi has to offer were made clear. That is, all the details except strangely, the power connection on the device.

Of course, Google Wifi does come with a power supply. However, the details on the power adapter were a little limited. Namely, whether Google Wifi is a USB Type-C supported device. Nevertheless, Benson Leung, who has become somewhat known for providing detailed information on products that support USB Type-C has now confirmed that Google Wifi does indeed come with a USB Type-C port and subsequently, a USB Type-C adapter.

In fact, Benson Leung points out that the USB Type-C adapter that comes with Google Wifi is largely the same as that which comes with the Pixel and the Pixel XL. So much so that Leung notes how they are somewhat interchangeable. Further pointing out that those who pick up the Pixel (or the Pixel XL) and Google Wifi could indeed use either adapter to charge either Google device, due to how "remarkably similar" the power adapters are. In the wider scheme of things, this does mean that like most of the other Google products that are coming through (or have come through), they do seem to be adopting the USB Type-C as the standard. Which among other things, and as Leung points out, does mean that more of the products you buy and own from Google will be somewhat interchangeable when it comes to powering or charging them.


For those that somehow missed the original Google Wifi announcement, in short, this is a new router from Google. But one which looks to make sure that you can cover the entirety of your home with a signal. One of its main attack approaches to this problem is that Google Wifi is somewhat modular, meaning you can simply but additional Google Wifi units and have them work together (dotted around the home) to build-out the network signal. As such, if one is enough then you can just buy the one unit for $129 while if you need more, packages will be available including a 3-pack which comes in at a reduced cost of $299.

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