Uniqfind Selling Burnt Galaxy Note 7 Skin for the iPhone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device has been condemned to the recycling bin, Samsung may be removing the brand from their portfolio going forwards, but the story of how the Galaxy Note 7 catches fire is showing no signs of being extinguished any time soon. From bad puns in stories covering the debacle, through to mass transport systems banning the device, to Samsung refusing to compensate customers for loss or damage to their property caught in a Galaxy Note 7 fire, the story keeps on burning. Adding fuel to the blaze is a new skin, called the "Explo-sung," for the Apple iPhone by Uniqfind, which looks very much like a burnt out Galaxy Note 7. Uniqfind bill their Explo-sung skin as "their hottest yet!" It's available for iPhones from the iPhone 5 and later, including the unashamedly plastic iPhone 5C.

The problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 appears to be a manufacturing defect with the device's internal rechargeable battery. An internal short circuit causes a "thermal runaway," in other words, the temperature of the battery spikes upwards and the battery breaks apart. Today's rechargeable batteries contain lithium an explosive metal. Luckily, relatively few people have been seriously hurt because of the Galaxy Note 7 battery problems, but there have been many close calls reported in the media. Samsung are in the process of having over two million Galaxy Note 7 devices returned to them for recycling, but have also confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 has now been officially discontinued.

The burnt skin for the iPhone follows a pattern of jokes at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's expense including a mod for GTA 5 whereby the Note 7 is used as a hand grenade, a video detailing how to return the Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung for recycling, and Halloween costumes being designed. The iPhone skin is being marketed as a Halloween skin for the Apple iPhone although the Uniqfind website shows that the $24.99 accessory will not be available until November. Even Apple iPhone customers should realise that November comes after Halloween, at the end of October, so buying and using this sticker set probably says a lot about the buyer. It also remains to be seen if Samsung contact Uniqfind to have the accessory removed from their online store, or if the Explo-sung will sizzle out by itself.

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