UK Network EE Teases Arrival of Pixel Phones


For what feels like an age now, we've been hearing of stories of the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones from Google. We've seen them leak out in rumors, in detailed site listings, as well as in the flesh here and there as well. Carrying on with the ever-growing line of carrier leaks, which now includes Carphone Warehouse as well as Verizon, UK network EE has gone ahead and teased the impending launch of the new Pixel phones. Which may or may not be confirmation that the Uk carrier will be carrying at least one of the Pixel pair.

EE have launched a specific page on their website where users can watch the livestream on YouTube later today, which for our Brit friends will be 17:00 PM later today. It could be that this is a way to get EE customers glued to their website for an hour or so, but educating your customers on a product that they can't buy doesn't seem all that smart. Considering that UK networks and retailers have a long history of getting their hands on the Nexus devices, it wouldn't surprise us if the Pixel and Pixel XL were available on EE. After all, the original Nexus One was available on Vodafone, and ever since then the Nexus smartphones have been available from Carphone Warehouse on a range of different networks. For EE to carry the Pixel and Pixel XL, or maybe just one of them, would represent a larger push towards a consumer market that we haven't seen before with the Nexus line of devices.

As the Pixel and Pixel XL go, they're all set to be some of the highest-end hardware launched all year. We've seen leak after leak confirming the new Snapdragon 821 as well as their AMOLED panels and other features such as options for 32GB or 128GB of storage. Rear-facing cameras appear to be the same at 12.3-megapixel, but given the excellent results that we got from last year's Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, this shouldn't put anyone off. Brits looking to catch all of the news later today will be able to watch the livestream starting 17:00 later today.

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