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Insomnia has managed to become a serious problem, many people are having issues falling asleep these days, and some are simply not able to sleep long enough. Well, there’s an app for pretty much anything these days, and there are quite a few of those whose goal is to help you fall asleep and improve your sleep in general. We’ve decided to list 10 of such apps today, well, 9 of them, the 10th one is a surprise. In any case, do keep in mind that the apps mentioned down below are listed in no specific order. That being said, let’s begin, shall we.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking features. This app can gently wake you in a perfect time, so that you have a pleasant morning, at least the developer claims it can. This app apparently uses your phone’s sensors (and also wearable sensors if you’re using a wearable accessory, like an Android Wear smartwatch for example) in order to function, while it also integrates with Google Fit and Samsung’s S Health apps. This app comes with tons of options on the inside, and you can use it for 2 weeks before the trial period is over, it will cost you $4 if you’d like to keep on using the app.

Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax

Rain Sounds - Sleep & Relax is a free app which offers in-app purchases. This application basically offers tons of HD rain sounds for you to listen to, and those sounds are supposed to help you relax, and as a result, fall asleep. The app also comes with some nice backgrounds for each sound, and there are a lot of sounds included here, sounds of a perfect storm, light rain, rain on a roof, thunderstorm, etc.

Sleep Better with Runtastic

Runtastic is a well-known company, and if you’re into running, you’ve probably heard of an app called ‘Runtastic’. In any case, this company also developed an app which is supposed to help you sleep, and it’s called ‘Sleep Better with Runtastic’. This app will monitor your sleep in order to improve sleep quality. You can enter your daily habits and variables here, and you can also keep a dream diary using this app, and then you can decipher which dreams are good (for your sleep quality), and which are not.

Night screen

Night screen is a really useful app for many reasons, but people seem to use it most for its ‘blue filter’ feature. This essentially means that you can enable the blue filter in order to block negative blue light before sleep, which allegedly keeps you awake after you stop using your phone. The app can also lower your brightness well below 0%, while there are a ton of other options available in settings as well.


Twilight is an app similar to ‘Night screen’, but it focuses even more on the blue light filter. If you’re interested in reading more about it, there’s a whole explanation in this app’s description in the Google Play Store, it explains why blue light harms us before sleep. The developer also mentions that the app has been tested on AMOLED display for 2.5 years, and over-burning was not an issue at all.

Sleep Pillow: Sleep Sounds

Sleep Pillow: Sleep Sounds is an app similar to ‘Rain Sounds’, but comes with a set of all types of sounds which are supposed to help you sleep. The app packs in 280 different HD sounds for you to listen to, and all of them are meant to be relaxing. The app also has a sleep timer option, and it can run in the background, while it’s also packed with a number of nature images which are used for the background setting for each sound.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

This is a sleep cycle alarm clock application, and it is similar to some other apps we’ve already listed here. This is essentially an intelligent alarm clock which analyses your sleep, and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase. Now, you won’t be able to use this option all the time, of course, you simply have to wake up at a certain time on a work day and what not, but there’s much more to this app than that.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is yet another one well-received app which has been around for a while now. This app is not free though, it will cost you $3 to use it, but it can be quite useful. If you’re having issues falling asleep, this app might help you, all you need to do is plug in your headphones, and listen the relaxing guided meditation this app will provide. The app also offers a really sleek-looking UI, which is always a plus.

Sweet Sleep for Relaxing Sleep

Sweet Sleep for Relaxing Sleep is yet another app which is supposed to improve the quality of your sleep. There are 26 songs included in this app, and 30 types of natural sounds which are expected to relax you and help you fall asleep. The UI is also quite clean, and the app allows for background playback. This application is free to use, though in-app purchases are available here.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - alarm

Now, in order to stir things up a bit, the last app on this list is completely different than the rest of the pack, this app’s goal is actually to prevent you from sleeping for too long, in other words, its goal is to make sure you wake up in time for your commitments. This app has been called the ‘world’s most annoying alarm app’ by many, and in order to turn of the alarm you’ll need to solve math problems, shake your phone, etc., depending on which mode you opt for.

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